Zoran Lazarevic


Lazarevic is a ruthless Serbian war criminal long thought by the public to be deceased. In Uncharted 2 he wants to find the Cintamani Stone in order to create an invincible army.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C, 9-B with weapons

Name: Zoran Lazarevic

Origin: Uncharted

Gender: Male

Age: 46

Classification: Human

Powers and Abilities Peak human physical characteristics, skilled in hand to hand combatant, expert marksman, Regeneration (Low-Mid)

Attack Potency: Street level physically, Wall level with weapons

Speed: Peak Human

Lifting Strength: Peak human (Higher than Drake)

Striking Strength: Street Class

Durability: Street level, Building level (After drinking the resin of the treelife)

Range: Melee range, Hundreds of metres with firearms

Standard Equipment: A gun, a knife, a shotgun

Intelligence: Above Average, he is difficult to cheat even for experts thieves like Drake or Harry

Weaknesses: Lazarevic Regeneration will be less efficient if Zoran is involved in strong explosions (enough for kill a man immediately) and he will lose his regeneration even if he is heavily damaged


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