Zentradi Recon Fleet

Our recon fleets are thousands of units strong!


The Zentradi were created as a spacefaring race of giant humanoid proxy warriors by the first civilization in the galaxy, the Protoculture, 497,500 years ago. They contributed greatly to the expansion of the Protoculture Civilization's sphere of influence and the creation of a Protoculture Stellar Republic that controlled most of our galaxy.

As war broke out with The Supervision Army centuries later, the Zentradi entered into combat with their fearsomely powerful force of millions of space warships and mecha produced in thousands of huge automated factories scattered across the galaxy and legions of expendable giant clone troops. After the end of the war with the Supervision Army, the Zentradi fleets traveled the galaxy in search of Supervision Army survivors until they encountered the human race, an event that caused Space War I (2009–2010).

The downfall of the Zentradi nomadic warrior civilization came during this conflict when the technologically inferior but culturally and spiritually superior "Miclones" (humans) were able to reach the buried emotions of the Zentradi through terrestrial culture and humane actions, especially music and acts of love and kindness.

After 2012, the Zentradi are estimated to have zero of the fleet sizes similar to the 4.8-million-ship Boddole Zer Main Fleet in Space War I. because of this the United Nations Government of allied Humans and Zentradi became the reigning hegemony in near-Earth galactic space

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C, High 8-C, 8-B to 8-A, 7-B to 6-C, High 6-A | The same and likely 5-B.

Name: Zentradi

Origin: Macross Series

Age: Almost 500,000 years old.

Classification: Genetically engineered soldiers.

Population: At least several quintillions | Unknown but much superior to Macross Era

K-Level: Type 2

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Spaceflight (MFTL+), Energy Weaponry.

Attack Potency: Building level (unarmed), Large Building level (with firearms), City Block level to Multi-City Block level (with mecha), City level to Island level (via ships), Multi-Continent level (via Rain of Death) | Same as previous but likely Planet level (via Reaction Weapons).

Speed: Superhuman, Supersonic (space/ship manuevers), High Hypersonic (atmosphere/mecha, space/ship emergency maneuver), Massively Hypersonic (space/mecha)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 5 (by size alone)

Striking Strength: Varies

Durability: At least Small Building level (without armor), Large Building level (with power armor), City Block level to Multi-City Block level (mecha), Town to Island level (ships), at least Multy-Continent level (Mobile Fortress), likely Moon level (Satellite Factory) | The same.

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Varies

Standard Equipment: Unknown

Intelligence: They have limited intelligence outside warfare.

Weaknesses: Their limited intelligence outside warfare made their equipment unmaintained for thousand of years.

Key: Macross Era | Stellar Republic Era


  • Typical Zentradi is around 7-9 meters tall and weight around 5-7 tons. There are exceptions like commander types, though.
  • Zentradi equipment is really sturdy - it can be used even after thousands of years of service.


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