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Zachariah was a high ranking angel and the direct superior of Castiel and a direct subordinate of the archangels, but after the fall of Lucifer and Gabriel fleeing, he served Michael and Raphael. He had been alive for over 6 millennia. He came to Earth following Uriel's death and after his betrayal was revealed.

He introduced himself to Dean Winchester as being the direct superior of Castiel. Like many of his angelic siblings, he supported the release of Lucifer so that Michael could kill him and Earth could be made into a paradise. After Lucifer was freed, Zachariah was then given the task to force Dean to give Michael his consent to use his body. His failure to get Dean's consent caused his angelic siblings to ridicule him and made him despise the Winchester brothers. He was finally killed by Dean in his last attempt to get Dean's permission.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 7-B

Name: Zachariah

Origin: Supernatural

Gender: Male

Age: Millions, if not Billions of Years Old

Classification: Angel, Seraph

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Matter Manipulation (Atomic level), Energy Manipulation, Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis, Photokinesis, Smiting, Astral Projection / Dream Walking, Non-Corporeal,Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (Mid-High), Invisibility, Telepathy, Teleportation, Healing / Resurrection, Soul Manipulation, Time Travel / Chronokinesis, Time Stop, Immune to Time Stopping and Soul Manipulation (as he does not have one) and to Diseases, Mind Manipulation, limited Reality WarpingPower Removal (for lower/younger beings), Time Paradox Immunity (Angels are immune to the effects of rewrites in the timelines), Sleep Manipulation, Higher Senses (Angels can see things normally invisible to humans as well as the true nature of a being), Voice Mimicry, BFR, Can physically grab incorporeal beings

Attack Potency: Likely City level (Comparable to Seraph Castiel)

Speed: Subsonic+ movement speed, with Massively Hypersonic reactions (Castiel is capable of Searching an Entire Town in seconds through Teleportation)

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Strength: Small Building Class

Durability: Likely City level

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless

Range: Kilometres for most abilities, at least Low Multiversal via teleportation

Standard Equipment: Angel Blade

Intelligence: Superhumanly Intelligent (As an angel, Zachariah possesses a superhuman level of intelligence, both due to his age and nature.)

Weaknesses: Angel Blades, Enochian Sigils, and Holy Fire


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