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Yume Nikki is a freeware surrealistic adventure game released in 2004 by stand alone developer, Kikiyama developed with RPG Maker. The player controls the girl name Madotsuki, traveling through her dream world. The player has to collect effect, acting as power-ups while exploring the weird and surreal landscape of her dreams.

Power of the verse

Due to the nature of the game, the rating of the characters is quite vague at best. They have very few straightforward feats. Most weaker ones are within the Tier 9 range. Although it has higher feats, such as Madotsuki technically dreaming up the entire world, and Big Red holding a part of the dream world inside its stomach.

The verse has some decent degree of hax, mostly in the form of BFR or Spatial Manipulation. Some select characters have quite powerful immortality, as their real world selves exist outside the dream world, making them impossible to kill from within.

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