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I have to protect my family's sword!
~ Mi-Ra's primary motivation


Yu Mi-Ra is a major character and the primary female protagonist of The God of High School. She is the 25th Master of the Moonlight Sword Style and its last inheritor. She entered the God of High School tournament to either find a suitable mate to continue the lineage or receive the funding necessary to make the sword style a worldwide phenomenon. Along the way she meets (with some initial hostility and neck snapping) Jin Mo-Ri and Han Dae-Wi, who quickly become her closest companions.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-C | At least 7-A, likely High 7-A | At least High 7-A | At least Low 4-C

Name: Yu Mi-Ra

Origin: The God of High School

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Classification: Human, Charyeok User | Holder of the Body of the King, Member of The Six

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Moonlight Sword Style Practitioner, Summoning, Limited Air Manipulation, Incredible Bloodlust (Enough to terrify Judge O and make most opponents hesitate momentarily) | With the Body of the King, Mi-Ra has demonstrated the ability to produce illusionary swords that cut things upon contact

Attack Potency: At least Town level (Sliced through dozens of buildings with a single slash from a great distance) | At least Mountain level, likely Large Mountain level (sliced through a Priest, a mountain, the ground below her leading the mountain, and an entire row of clouds with the Heaven Splitter technique) while boosted by Na Bong Chim's Acupressure The aftershock of her attack along with Mo-Ri Hui's and Dae-Wi's busted an artificial island large enough to take up most of Seoul's harbor)., higher with Falchion | At least Large Mountain level (Direct Contract Charyeok are far more powerful than regular Charyeok) | At least Small Star level (Poses a serious threat to Han Dae-Wi, should be as physically strong as The King of Nox due to possessing his physical attributes, sliced through the Ruyi Jingu)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Can keep pace with Jin Mo-Ri's base form who is able to keep pace with teleporters who easily cross entire islands in an instant and dodge lightning) with possibly Higher reaction speed (blocked a laser attack from the resident Thor and Supergirl expy and deflected Priest Saturn's shots) | Higher travel speed with Red Hare | At least Massively Hypersonic+ (Faster than her normal Charyeok) | Massively FTL+ via power-scaling (Should be comparable to The King of Nox, who was able to fight on par with Jin Mo-Ri's full strength even while aged and weakened, nearly took Han Dae-Wi by surprise)

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (Can casually balance a boxing ring on the tip of her sword)

Striking Strength: At least Mountain Class (Aforementioned Heaven Splitter feat), actual damage per blow is much higher due to the sharpness of her sword, stated to be stronger than Dae-Wi overall. | At least Small Star class

Durability: At least City level, likely Island level (Withstood attacks from the Priests and is comparable to Dae-Wi) | At least Small Star level with the Body of the King (Should be as strong and durable as The King of Nox)

Stamina: High, is quite resilient, and even when sick, beaten, and bleeding she will continue fighting until knocked unconscious, not caring even if her face is beaten in.

Range: Extended melee range with sword, but the resulting shockwaves can extend for several kilometers.

Standard Equipment: Her sword, Bong-Seon. A National Treasure class weapon, it possesses extraordinary sharpness and can cut through the Charyeok of powerful individuals like Park Il-Pyo. It's also completely invulnerable against Charyeok and other magical attacks, making it a valuable defensive tool. It is also capable of teleporting to its owner across any distance, making it difficult to disarm her. | Red Hare, Lu Bu's famous horse, a steed capable of flight and growing large enough to carry Mi-Ra and her friends on its back as well as trample lesser foes.

Intelligence: Mi-Ra is a highly analytical fighter with keen battle instincts. She is very good at predicting the flow of a battle and how to come back from insurmountable circumstances (such as her fight with Il-Pyo). Although she prefers brute force much of the time, she has learned to be flexible in her techniques over the course of the story, saving her on several occasions (i.e. blocking with the hilt of the sword when she could have dodged saved her from a massive Fox Fire attack).

Weaknesses: Is somewhat arrogant and reckless at times as a result of her determined nature. Can be rather irritable.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Bong-Seon
  • Awakened Form
  • 1st Dance: Faucet
  • Heaven Splitter
  • Marionette
  • Effects continued
  • Explanation
  • Final Result
  • Falchion

Swordless Style

  • 1st Dance: Faucet: Mi-Ra instantly appears above her target, grabbing their neck and twisting it at an unnatural angle to instantly incapacitate a target. However, the lethality of this technique is questionable, as it is primarily used for its comedy value in-story.
  • Bare Handed Slice: Should she be disarmed she can use her own hands the same way she would a sword, slicing through most common materials with ease.
  • Divine Finger Burst: Shoots small objects like bullets by flicking them with her fingers at high enough speeds to penetrate walls.

Sword Style

  • 14th Dance: Boomerang: She throws her sword like a boomerang at high speed, tracking targets and hitting them from long distances (knocked out a motorcycle that was speeding from several city blocks away)
  • Full Moon Rampage: Rapidly strikes the opponent from all angles at high speed, inflicting heavy damage.
  • Heaven Splitter: A powerful vertical slash that is powerful enough to split a mountain and a row of clouds a great distance away cleanly in half despite the fact that the target was the Priest in front of her.
  • Marionette: When armed with multiple swords she is able to leave them in particularly resilient targets so that when she finishes with the Sea Fog Slash they resonate, allowing her to destroy her opponent's internal organs or (if she's feeling merciful) destroy all of the target's clothing.


  • Yeo-Po Bong-Seon: (Lu Bu Fengxian): Mi-Ra's Charyeok is the infamous general from the Romance of Three Kingdoms. An indomitable warrior who tore apart entire armies and complex strategies with nothing but brute force, he bestows his strength, speed, and durability upon Mi-Ra, greatly enhancing her natural attributes.
    • Falchion: Lu Bu's trademark hair adornments appear above Mi-Ra's head, strengthening her contract and greatly increasing her already tremendous striking force.
    • Direct Contract: In a moment of desperation, Mi-Ra gained the ability to form a direct contract with Lu Bu, turning her hair white and further increasing her physical capabilities.
  • Body of the King: Ultio R bestowed the Body of the King upon Mi-Ra at the end of Ragnarok, thus giving her the physical attributes and battle instincts of The King of Nox. In this state, she has shown the ability to generate seemingly illusionary swords that generate real attacks upon contact, allowing her to deliver multiple attacks at once and even cut through the Monkey King's Ruyi Jingu.

Key: Base | With Charyeok | Direct Contract | Body of the King


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