Yawn Render By Skodwarde


The Yawn was a snake-based B.O.W. that lurked around in the Spencer Mansion. It was nicknamed "Yawn" by the Arklay Laboratory team in reference to the way its mouth opens before attacking, which resembled a yawn.

It was one of many test subjects bred specifically as experimental B.O.W.s. The specimen escaped however, and managed to avoid recapture by the scientists in the Arklay Laboratory. It was eventually infected with the t-Virus following the leak in May 1998, and it promptly made the mansion its home, preying on any humans that happened to come across it.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Name: Yawn

Origin: Resident Evil

Gender: Unknown

Age: Unknown (Created in 1998)

Classification: T-Virus infected giant snake

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Sharp claws and teeth, Poisonous bite

Attack Potency: Wall level (Destroyed several walls made of metal)

Speed: Normal Human

Lifting Strength: Class 25 by virtue of size (Weighs 12000 kg)

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall level (It has to be shot by a shotgun dozens of times to be put down)

Stamina: Average

Range: Several meters by virtue of size

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Low (That of a snake)

Weaknesses: Plays with its prey


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