Yandere Simulator is an indie video game currently in development made by YandereDev.

The game focuses on the protagonist, nicknamed Yandere-chan, who must gets rid of her love rivals in 10 weeks, while protecting her Senpai.

Although the game is far from being finished, it has gathered a huge following already.

While the game itself is pretty standard, the videos surrounding the development of the game are quite Meta in nature, making it hard to judge properly.

Power of the Verse

Most of the verse is weak, as it is filled with usually non-fighting humans. The few that fight back tops at Street level with weapons. While the demons are supposedly much stronger, they lack major feats of power. The only character close to being powerful is the Fun Girl, although she is non-canon.






-Budo Masuta

-Midori Gurin


-Flame Demon

-Fun Girl

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