Ayano Aishi
Senpai will be mine. He doesn't have a choice.


Ayano Aishi, also known as Yandere-chan, is the main character of Yandere Simulator. She is a Japanese schoolgirl who develops a crush on a fellow student nicknamed "Senpai" (Senpai can be male or female depending on the player's choice). Over the course of 10 weeks, when 10 rival schoolgirls develop crushes on Senpai, Yandere-chan uses several methods, such as blackmail and murder, to foil their efforts at earning Senpai's affection.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B to 10-A, 9-C with weapons | At least 9-C | 9-B

Name: Ayano Aishi, Yan-chan, Yandere-chan

Origin: Yandere Simulator

Gender: Female

Age: Around 17

Classification: Schoolgirl, Yandere, Human

Powers and Abilities: Lack of emotions, Above-Average human abilities, Usages of weapons, very manipulative, very good in stealth and tampering with electronics, very good at improvising, very good hand-to-hand combat skills | Superhuman Physical Characteristics

Attack Potency: Human level (Is physically only a school girl), Athlete level after training (Can keep up with trained martial arts experts and overpower teachers), Street level with weapons (Can cut limbs easily and pierce skulls with a screwdriver) | At least Street level (Casually dismembers humans with a single blow) | Wall level (Her whip can easily destroy large metal candle holders)

Speed: Athletic Human (Generally runs faster than most students) | Likely Superhuman (Can kill people in the blink of an eye) | Likely at least Superhuman

Lifting Strength: Above Average Human (Can drag dumpsters full of trash and human bodies with ease, Can casually carry around a 50 kg weight in a full sprint)

Striking Strength: Human Class | Street Class | Wall Class

Durability: Human level, Athlete level after training (Can take hits from trained martial arts experts) | Unknown, likely Street level | Wall level

Stamina: Very high, has never been portrayed as tired during her body-dragging activities

Range: Standard melee range | Extended melee range

Standard Equipment: Axe, Baseball Bat, Box Cutter, Circular Saw, Crowbar, Dumbbell, Fantasy Sword, Fire Extinguisher, Katana, Knife, Pipe, Magical Girl Wand, Old Axe, Ritual Knife, Scissors, Screwdriver, Shinai, Shovel, Sword, Syringe, Bakon, Manga Novels

Intelligence: Likely Genius, she is able to learn all the academic subjects of her schools at professor level, stated to be able to become extremely skilled in a domain instantly.

Weaknesses: Standard human weaknesses. Mentally insane, killing people feeds her insanity, obsessed with Senpai.


  • Can kill, frame, poison, set-up couples, and much more with only the material found in a school
  • Can kill, dismember and pierce the skull of schoolgirls easily

Notable Attacks/Techniques: 

  • Yandere Vision: Yandere-chan can detect blood, students, her senpai and weapons from far away, even through walls, although according to WoG, this ability is mostly due to her analytical knowledge of a student's routine.

Key: Base | Ritualised | Beldere-chan (Video game only)

Notes: Mission Mode features a story line that is in a separate reality from the main 'Story Mode' in which Yandere-chan plays a 'killer for hire' employed by Info-chan, who specifically targets high school students.


I Want My Senpai Back

I Want My Senpai Back

The game in a nutshell, not recommendable for sensible people


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Baldi (Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning) Baldi's profile (Yandere-chan could become ritualised, Baldi was at his highest speed)

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