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Wolfenstein is a series of World War II video games, originally developed by Muse Software and released under name Castle Wolfenstein in 1981 and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein in 1984. The third game in this franchise, Wolfenstein 3D, was release in 1992 and developed by id Software, and later in the same year was released the prequel game Spear of Destiny. Thanks to that genre is becomes widely regarded and have helped popularized first-person shooter. In 2001, the series was rebooted with Return to Castle Wolfenstein, developed by Gray Matter Interactive. This was followed by Raven Software's Wolfenstein in 2009, and MachineGames Wolfenstein: The New Order in 2014, Wolfenstein: The Old Blood in 2015 and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus in 2017.

The classic Wolfenstein games are connected to the classic Doom games because the Doom Marine has the same last name as the protagonist of the game, and being a descendant of Blazkowicz from the distant future.

Power of the Verse

Wolfenstein's verse is demonstrating technologies and power far exceeding those in the real world, allowing you to call it strong. Many of the characters demonstrate in the best case, the performance of athletes from Olympic standard, but with help of some artifacts and mechanisms they can significantly increase their statistics.

On the other hand, super-soldiers, depending on their characteristics can easily destroy the objects from the walls and ending with the usual building. Other mechanisms exist in this world like mobile fortresses or portable atomic bombs can easily destroy an area of large cities. Shuttles and spaceships allow make planetary flight for an hour.

There is also a variety of supernatural powers to completely ignore durability by acting directly on the soul of enemy and without an appropriate magical defense on its owner too, which subsequently leads to irreversible changes of the physical body. Also present beings from other dimensions and realities whose limit is unknown.






Doomguy (Classic only)

William Blazkowicz (Composite)