Winston Chu is the head of the Water Street Boys gang and a Sun On Yee red pole (lieutenant). He is often aggressive and brash which leads him into negative situations. He is an unskilled brute who uses steroids. He used to be friends with Dogeyes but now they are bitter enemies. He later gets murdered at his wedding by Dogeyes.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C physically, higher with weapons

Name: Winston Chu

Origin: Sleeping Dogs

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Classification: Human/Triad Member/Gang leader

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human Physical Characteristics

Attack Potency: Street level physically, higher with guns (He wields guns that can blow a large hole in people's heads)

Speed: Peak Human

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Street Class (Comparable to Conroy Wu)

Durability: Street level

Stamina: Above Average

Range: Standard melee range, higher with guns

Standard Equipment: His desert eagle

Intelligence: Slightly below average

Weaknesses: Steroid use has impacted his intelligence leaving him an idiotic brute. Often makes brash and unintelligent decisions


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