White whale render

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C physically, likely higher with Magic

Name: White Whale

Origin: Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Gender: Unknown

Age: 400+

Classification: Demon Beast

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Mist Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, Can erase things from existence, Can cause shock wave with its sonar, Flight, Can split itself equally into 3 smaller versions of itself

Attack Potency: Town level (By virtue of its size, the whale is as large as multiple city blocks that it can flatten with its massive weight, and can withstand blunt impacts up to Town level), likely higher with the Mist of Elimination (The mist column can be hundreds of meters tall, larger than the whales themselves, and ignores durability)

Speed: Subsonic travel speed (Faster than Patrasche who can move at 100 km/h even while pulling a heavy carriage with people) with Supersonic reactions (Dodged a sound based attack from Mimi and Hetaro)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 25 (Superior to Wilhelm), possibly Class M by virtue of size

Striking Strength: Town Class

Durability: Building level against piercing attacks (Withstood Rem's Al Huma and still kept going), Town level against magic and brute force attacks (via this calc)

Stamina: High

Range: Several meters

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Animalistic

Weaknesses: Susceptible to piercing attacks

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Mist of Mental Contamination (精神汚染の霧 Seishinosen no Kiri): A mist that the white whale swims around in and can also cause mana intoxication.
  • Mist of Elimination (消滅の霧 Shōmetsu no Kiri: A mist which is capable of erasing victims from existence along with any memories the surroundings has of them, all memories people have of them are erased, along with any possession they had before.

Note: The white whale has two different types of durability. Its durability against piercing attacks is only Building level, as it survived Rem's Al Huma, but because of the hairs on its body, that disperse force, and scatter mana, it can withstand up to town level brute force and magic attacks.


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