White Mage of Light

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The White Mage (しろまじゅつし, Shiromajutsushi?) is the peaceful healer of the Warriors of Light. She uses her knowledge of White Magic to ease the suffering of their wounded companions. The White Mage is weak physically, but is capable of using every spell from the White Magic library, from healing spells to status buffs to the undead-killing HARM/Dia spells. Although in most cases she fights with staves, she can also fight with hammers. In Final Fantasy: Memory of Heroes the official novelization of the game she is a motherly youth named Floe.

Unlike the other five jobs, which are all largely meant to be male, the gender of the White Mage class is never specified. Fans have typically asserted over the years that the character depicted is female, though the game sprites, particularly in earlier versions of the game, are androgynous, leaving the decision ultimately up to the player. This concern was finally addressed in the PSP port, where the promoted White Wizard is significantly "feminine" in comparison to the other sprites.

After completing the Citadel of Trials, the White Mage becomes the White Wizard (しろまどうし, Shiromadoushi?). In all versions, the White Wizard removes her hood, allowing her full face and hair to be seen. The White Wizard can cast all the White Magic spells, and from the Dawn of Souls remake on, use unique White Wizard weapons.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-A

Name: The White Mage of Light

Origin: Final Fantasy I

Gender: Female (in the official novelization the White Mage is a female, there's a lot of debate over the White Mage's gender)

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human/Hero of Prophecy/The Warrior of Light, White Mage/White Wizard

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Energy Blasts (in the form of Holy), Light Manipulation (via Dia), Teleportation (via Exit), Doppleganger Creation (via Blink), Healing (Mid-Low via regeneration scale, in the form of Cure, Heal and Life), Barrier Creation (via Protect, Shell and NulAll), Invisibility (via Invis, can also make allies invisible via Invisira), Mind Manipulation (via Fear), Capable of removing barriers, Can stop her opponents from using magic, Can eliminate status ailments, Can breathe underwater (via Oxyale)

Attack Potency: Large Planet level (Defeated base Gilgamesh in the Lifespring Grotto)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic (Kept pace with Gilgamesh)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman+

Striking Strength: Large Planet Class

Durability: Large Planet level

Stamina: Superhuman+

Range: Extended melee range with weapons, much higher with magic

Standard Equipment: War Hammer, Robe, Armlet, Crystal, Oxyale, various restorative items such as Potions (which heal her), Ethers (restores her magical reserves), and Echo Grass (which can allow her to speak again if somehow silenced).

Intelligence: Skilled mage and combatant, bested Garland in mortal combat, previously Cornelia's greatest Knight (of which was implied to be worth the entirety of Cornelia's remaining military might alone due to the Kingdom's failure to rescue Princess Sara themselves), fairly competent at problem solving with little information available

Weaknesses: The White Mage cannot cast her spells if she is somehow prevented from speaking.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Blink: The White Mage creates afterimages and illusions that make it incredibly difficult to track and strike her.
  • Blindna: The White Mage cures herself or an ally of blindness or any other effect that would obscure their vision.
  • Curaja: The White Mage fully heals any wounds she or an ally has sustained for as long as they are still alive.
  • Diaja: The White Mage bathes the area with holy light to quickly exorcise the undead.
  • Dispel: The White Mage removes any and all status buffs and enchantments the target may have.
  • Fear: The White Mage instills terror in her foes' minds, forcing them to flee the battle.
  • Healaga: The White Mage quickly heals a moderate amount of the injuries she and her allies have sustained.
  • Holy: The ultimate White Magic spell, unleashing a burst of pure holy magic to deal massive damage to all foes in range.
  • Invisra: The White Mage shrouds herself and her allies in a series of afterimages that make them incredibly difficult to strike with physical attacks.
  • Null All: The White Mage halves the effectiveness of all elemental spells and cuts the likeliness of status effects like poison, time stopping, and paralysis while nullifying instant-death abilities.
  • Poisona: The White Mage cures herself or an ally of the effects of debilitating poison.
  • Protera: The White Mage creates a barrier shields herself and her allies from physical attacks.
  • Silence: The White Mage mutes her foe, preventing them from using verbal spells.

Note: This profile assumes the White Mage of Light is the White Wizard class from the original game.


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