Wei Zhijun

Psycho Elf.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B, can ignore durability

Name: Wei Zhijun, also known as "VI-952"

Origin: Darker Than Black

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Contractor, Bodyguard

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman speed, durability, stamina, reactions, agility, expert combatant, Matter Manipulation in using his own blood as a catalyst, Teleportation (disintegration?)

Attack Potency: Wall level, can ignore durability

Speed: Peak Human, possibly Subsonic reactions (But he is not much inferior to Hei)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall level, probably Multi City Block level (Survived being electrocuted by Hei, which only burnt half of his face and body)

Stamina: Superhuman, never gets faint from blood loss, no matter how much he fights

Range: Several meters with his blood

Standard Equipment: Knife

Intelligence: Average, able to fight on equal terms with Hei, nearly killed him two or three times, is rational

Weaknesses: Even by Contractor standards, he is insane

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Contractor: Contractors possess two other traits that give them a rather sinister reputation: the need to perform Obeisance, which is a bizarre, obsessive compulsive "payment" for the use of their powers, and a generally pragmatic, logical world view. Contractors have a very wide array of powers, and each Contractor appears to have a power unique to him or herself. When a Contractor's powers are used, his or her eyes glow red and a blue glow occasionally surrounds its body. All Contractors are rational and practically immune to emotions. But they're many Contractors who have exhibit at least some forms of emotion, including love, joy, guilt, and sorrow.
    • Blood-Induced Matter Transportation: Wei has the ability to transport matter using his blood as a catalyst. He uses this offensively by cutting himself and splattering it on his opponents before he activates it by snapping his fingers to take chunks out of people and objects with it.
    • Obeisance: Conveniently, his remuneration is the shedding his own blood.