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The Earth will no longer rotate for a single circle. The story will no longer to be developed. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow also, is Walpurgisnacht.


Walpurgisnacht was the regarded as the ultimate witch in Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Her power is so great that unlike normal witches she doesn't need her labyrinth, something even the dreaded Homulilly had. Who she was prior to becoming a witch is unknown, however, it should be mentioned that Walpurgis isn't technically one witch, but a fusion of multiple, likely the reason behind her titanic power.

"The stage-constructing witch (alias: Walpurgisnacht / real name: unknown); her nature is helplessness. She symbolizes the fool who continuously spins in circles. The witch's mysteries have been handed down through the course of history; her appellation is "Walpurgisnacht." She will continue to rotate aimlessly throughout the world until she completely changes the whole of this age into a drama. When the doll's usual upside-down position reaches the top part of the witch, she completely roils the civilization on the ground in a flash through her gale-like flight." - Official Card Description

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-C | Likely 5-C

Name: Her real name is unknown, although referred to as Walpurgisnacht by Homura Akemi.

Origin: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Stage-constructing witch, Colossal super-dreadful witch

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Speed, Immortality (Type 2, 6 and 7), Magic, Energy Projection, Weapon Enhancing, Healing (Mid level, scaled from Corbeau), Telepathy, Telekinesis, Transformation, Gets stronger when critically damaged, Mind Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation, Familiar SummoningPortal CreationGravity Manipulation, Fusionism, Weather Manipulation, Flight, Light Projection, Weight Manipulation from familiars, Soul Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Absorption, Invisibility, Reality Warping, Curse Manipulation, Self-Resurrection (Able to resurrect from her Grief Seed, although this isn't applicable for combat unless the Grief Seed is filled with despair). Resistance to Magic, Mind Manipulation, Life Absorption, Status Effect Inducement (This includes Resistance to Power Nullification) and Fire ManipulationImmunity to Soul Manipulation (Lacks a soul)

Attack Potency: Island level (Battled third timeline Madoka Kaname, who had to consume all her magical power in order to defeat her) | Likely Moon level (According to the description of Walpurgis Nacht, she would eventually stop the Earth from rotating when she herself rotates to the top of her "Gear".)

Speed: Unknown flight speed (Moves slow compared to characters such as Homura Akemi, but her exact speed is unknown.), Massively Hypersonic+ combat speeds (Can react to several magical girls at once, including in some timelines against Kyoko Sakura. Kept pace with third timeline Madoka).

Lifting Strength: At least Class K via Telekinesis (Threw Buildings at enemies like Homura Akemi during their final battle)

Striking Strength: Island Class | Unknown

Durability: Island level (In the first timeline, required Mami's and Madoka's full power to be defeated, immune to all of Homura's attacks. A Class E (Weakest class) Walpurgisnacht was stated in Homura Tamura to be capable of withstanding dozens of minutes straight of Tiro Finale before taking damage. Battled third timeline Madoka Kaname and tanked her attacks) | Likely Moon level (Even in her weaker form her durability was a lot higher than her AP.)

Stamina: Likely limitless

Range: At least City level with sheer environmental damage. (Had created a Supercell storm in Mikihara City just by beginning to approach the city.) | Planetary (Liquid Flash covers all of the Earth's Surface, Can stop the entire Earth from rotating.)

Standard Equipment: Unknown

Intelligence: Unknown (However it should be noted she can handle several veteran enemies at once, and is the fusion of several magical girls. Additionally, she has shown to have the ability to taunt her enemies, suggesting some degree of understanding of what she is doing.)

Weaknesses: Unknown


- Wiped the floor with Homura Akemi through at least a hundred timelines while not at full power.

- Is a sort of myth among magical girls for her sheer destructive capabilities.

-Created a Supercell storm by merely approaching in Mikihara City.

-Walpurgisnacht is so powerful that she doesn't need a barrier in order to manifest, placing her vastly above witches like Homulilly, Itzli, Patricia and Candeloro who need it

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Witch's Kiss: Witches can manipulate the mind on innocent bystanders by thought (not an actual kiss), often causing them to commit suicide or create suicidal cults. It has been generally potrayed to be able to effect groups of people at once, and one witch has even manipulated an entire fortress.
  • Barrier: The standard ability for most witches, the barrier is a small pocket universe that can greatly vary in terms of size made to protect the witch from the outside world, only accessible by magical girls or when witches allow access. They are based around the witch's former life's mental condition prior to dying and becoming a witch.
  • Familiar Summoning: Another standard ability, a witch can summon several familiars (or create alongside the barrier) to fight on her behalf. If they absorb enough life energy, they can become duplicates of the witch itself.
  • Absorption: A witch can passively absorb the life energy of those who enter their barriers. However, this is a rather lengthy process, so some witches tend to have an instant-absorption method, or simply absorb all of it by killing the enemy.
  • Reality Warping: A witch can manipulate reality to cause issues for their enemies. This has been shown from manipulating the outsides of the barrier to attack the enemy, preventing them from even entering, or manipulate unresistant enemies themselves.
  • Cursed Breath: A reference to Faust, she spews purple flames from her mouth.
  • Fallen Star: Using telekinesis to move land into the air and covers out with a purple flame to be flung at her enemies.
  • Liquid Flash: In an instant, she produces enough power to literally liquefy all of humanity across the Earth.

Key: Normal | True Power

Note: Familiar Summoning #2 appears in the manga only and can be considered non-canon, the names for her attacks are fan-terms. In one of the Puella Magi Witch cards, she is said to be capable of destroying the entirety of civilization to the point of liquefying them. The lowest AP this would be is Island level when only considering humans but because civilization is covered with man-made cities and such, it would skyrocket in attack potency if it was calculable.


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