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Powers and Stats

Tier: 3-C

Name: Virgo Asmita, The Blind Saint

Origin: Saint Seiya

Gender: Male

Classification: Human, Gold Saint, Athena's Saint

Age: 21

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled warrior, 7th and 8th sense user, Can counter or nullify any technique after seeing it being used once, Flight, Psychokinesis (Telepathy, Telekinesis), Atom Manipulation and Destruction (Can bypass durability by hitting the atoms of the opponent), Can travel and cross dimensions, Energy Blasts, Forcefields, Higher senses to track people and events over large distances and possibly through dimensions, Can attack non-physical beings, Can maintain his will in the underworld with the 8th sense, allowing him to resurrect, Is able to fight while he is blind, Illusions, Astral projection, Mental attacks, Can disable the senses of others, Can stop time from other dimensions, Soul Manipulation, Can seal others away.

Attack Potency: Galaxy level (Can cause others to cease to exist, by taking all of their senses, including the 8th sense)

Speed: Massively FTL+

Lifting Strength: Multi-Stellar

Striking Strength: Galactic

Durability: Galaxy level with Virgo Gold Cloth

Stamina: Nearly limitless (Gold saints are stated to be able to fight for a thousand days).

Range: Galactic, Universal / Cross-Dimensional with Psychokinesis.

Standard Equipment: Virgo Gold Cloth and sacred beads. 

Intelligence: Due to his transcendent nature he has a higher spiritual knowledge than most Saints

Weaknesses: His sealing technique kills him.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Kan: Asmita raises his voice and creates a forcefield, repelling attacks thrown at him.
  • Om: Asmita summons bright light in the palm of his hands.
  • Tenma Kōfuku: Asmita mentally attacks his opponent.
  • Riku Dō Rin Ne: Asmita shows images of the six realms of rebirth.
  • Tenkūhaja Chimimōryō: A technique that destroys the five senses of the opponent. If the target doesn't have a physical body, then the person dies.
  • Gōma In: A technique that seals away the soul of the user at the cost of the user's life.
  • Athena Exclamation: An attack that creates a miniature big bang. Requires the help of three Gold saints to achieve.


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