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I'll make you understand! You will know that I am the one who holds the key to the future!
~ Vile


Vile, or VAVA (ヴァヴァ?) in Japan, is a minor antagonist in the Mega Man X series. He used to be a member of the Maverick Hunters prior to the first Mega Man X game and was ranked S-A Class in Sigma's 17th Elite Unit prior to his commander's rebellion against humanity.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-B

Name: Vile

Origin: Mega Man X

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Reploid, Former Maverick Hunter, Maverick

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Teleportation, Weapon Mastery, Sharpshooter, Ice Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Darkness Manipulation, Elemental Weapons (Of the fire, ice and lightning variety), Expert Marksman, Omnidirectional Shields, The ability to create weapons from defeated reploids, Can render himself completely invulnerable for extended periods of time

Attack Potency: Solar System level (Fought against X, Zero and Axl)

Speed: Massively FTL with Massively FTL+ travel speed via teleporters

Lifting Strength: At least Class G

Striking Strength: Solar System Class

Durability: Solar System level. Higher with his Ride Armors.

Stamina: Essentially limitless.

Range: Standard melee range. Planetary with projectiles.

Standard Equipment: The Front Runner, the Cherry Blast Vulcan, the Bumpity Boom Napalm, Other Vulcans, Other Napalms, Back Shield, Missiles, Explosive Grenades, Fire Grenades, Grenades that Release Robots with Forcefield, Jetpack, Rocket Punches, Cannons, Lasers, Cutters, Balls, Flamethrowers, Ride Armors, Goliath Ride Armor, and the Devil Ride Armor.

Intelligence: Intelligent enough to catch Zero and X of guard repeatedly and is an expert marksman and Ride Armor pilot. However, he is often blindsided by his arrogance and drive to prove himself superior to X.

Weaknesses: Extremely arrogant.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Cherry Blast: Vile fires fires a stream of little bullets that have rapid-fire capabilities.
  • Serotinal Bullet: Vile shoots missiles which pause in place for a second or two before they begin moving forward.
  • Popcorn Demon: Vile fires a missile which produces two other missiles diagonally up and down from itself after it travels a short distance.
  • Egoistic Pill: Vile fires a rocket punch that can pierce enemies and objects.
  • Necro Burst: Vile produces a sphere of light centered at Vile’s location.
  • Dark Burst: Vile produces a sphere of darkness centered at Vile’s location.
  • A full list of Vile's weaponry can be found here.



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