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I am Vento of the Front. The ultimate weapon among 2 billion people. I will crush everything tonight. You, Academy City, Imagine Breaker, the Index Librorum Prohibitorum…everything.
~ Vento of the Front to Aleister Crowley as she begins her attack on his city


Vento of the Front (前方のヴェント Zenpō no Vento) is the only female member of the secretive God's Right Seat, aligned to the Archangel Uriel and the element of wind. She's a magician that holds a deep grudge towards science due to an accident that nearly killed her and resulted on her brother dying when he requested the doctors to give her his blood, as their blood type was extremely rare and they couldn't save them both. She's the first member of God's Right Seat to appear in the series, launching an attack on Academy City after getting permission from the Pope, intending to eliminate Touma and Imagine Breaker. Touma managed to defeat her thanks to the appearance of Fuze Kazakiri, though she was retrieved from the city by Acqua of the Back.

She was one of the people who later tried to stop Fiamma of the Right's plans during World War III. Vento tried to fight him using a new cross that gave her control over the Queen of the Adriatic Sea spell, one of the Ten Holy Spirit Spells of the Roman Catholic Church, but even she was defeated by her fellow God's Right Seat member, who ripped the cross out of her tongue.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-B | 7-B

Name: Vento of the Front

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human, Magician, Member of God's Right Seat

Powers and Abilities: Wind manipulation, Divine Punishment | Ice ship summoning, magic

Attack Potency: At least City Block level with magic via power-scaling (Should be much stronger than Stiyl Magnus) | City level (She's using the Queen of the Adriatic Sea, a spell designed to destroy entire cities and with a self-destruction that has been compared to a nuclear weapon)

Speed: Peak Human (Comparable to Kamijou Touma even while under the effects of AIM)

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human | Superhuman (With Ice Soldiers)

Striking Strength: City Block Class | City Class (With Ice Soldiers)

Durability: At least Building level (Was unharmed by Kihara Amata shooting an anti-tank missile at her) | At least Building level

Stamina: High. She was able to continue fighting even while receiving internal damage because of Fuze Kazakiri's antimagic field.

Range: Several meters with wind magic; One planetary diameter with Divine Punishment | Several kilometers

Standard Equipment: Hammer and Divine Punishment cross on her tongue | Hammer and Queen of the Adriatic Sea cross on her tongue

Intelligence: Average, knowledgeable in magic

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses, Vento is rather arrogant thanks to her power and often believes that no one can touch her due to the effects of Divine Punishment; Divine Punishment can be overcome by not bearing actual ill will and being capable of fighting her without feeling any hostility like Kihara Amata or by a sufficiently powerful Walking Church; in order to learn Divine Punishment Vento became unable to use normal magic that has not been specially adjusted for God's Right Seat | Normal human weaknesses

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Divine Punishment (天罰術式 Tembatsu Jutsushiki, lit. Damnation Arts): This large scale suppresion spell strips people of their consciousness if they ever bear any ill will or feel hostility towards Vento of the Front, based on the logic that no one should bear any menace towards God, if so, punishment will apply. The spell uses the significance of being pierced by steel in Christianity, such as the piercings on her face that bear the attribute of the nails that pierced the Son of God to the cross, and the hammer that she carries which bears the attribute of the hammer that nailed him to the cross. The spell has incredible range considering that it can affect anyone in the world, regardless of distance or knowledge of Vento of the Front. For example, a person hears on the news that an intruder (Vento of the Front) has invaded Academy City and the person bears ill will to the intruder, then that person will activate and receive Divine Punishment. The spell works by stripping away oxygen inside the victim's body, leaving the minimum necessary amount as to not hinder brain and organ functions, forcing the physical body to go into a state like an animal's hibernation period in order to preserve survival. Resuscitation through regulated oxygen supply to victims is impossible, and the spell will only stop if Vento deems it necessary or if the cross controlling it is destroyed.
  • Wind Hammer: Vento carries a large barbed hammer that represents the hammer that nailed the Son of God to the cross. She can also use this physical hammer to create a big hammer made of air to bludgeon her opponents using a complicated pattern derived from sweeping her barbed hammer and the movements of the chain attached to her tongue, which traces the desired trajectory of the wind hammer. She also used wind to disperse the flames and smoke created when Kihara Amata shot her with an anti-tank missile. After her defeat, she can use normal magic to summon her hammer with a gust of wind.
  • La Regina del Mare Adriático: After her defeat, Vento modified the Queen of the Adriatic Sea on top of Biagio's original modifications, and while not able to control the entirety of it, she now has the power to summon a portion of the guardian magical armada to wherever she is. This is shown by a cross made of ice and shaped like an anchor pierced onto her tongue in the place of the cross that uses 'Divine Punishment' that was destroyed earlier. Vento explains her ability to control the fleet as her element being wind and wind being a crucial part of sailing, thus she also has partial control over spells that are water-based.
    • Ice Ships: Vento can summon the more than 40 meters long ships of the fleet out of thin air. These ships can fire at the enemy with ice cannonballs and also shoot ice anchors, capable of knocking Fiamma of the Right a few kilometers away. An ice anchor can explode after being shot, creating thousands of ice stakes that explode in every direction, forming a mountain of ice, gauging out the ground and capable of turning an underground shelter into Swiss cheese.
    • Ice Soldiers: While not shown is very likely Vento can summon the ice soldiers that accompany and guard the ice ships of the fleet.

Key: Divine Punishment Vento | La Regina del Mare Adriático Vento


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