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Velvet. My name. Make sure Artorius knows. I am Velvet Crowe. I will eat all of the Daemon, Malakims, and Exorcists. I am...the most terrible Daemon Eater!
~ Velvet


Velvet Crowe (ベルベット・クラウ, Berubetto Kurau) is the leading main character and a female protagonist in Tales of Berseria. She is a human granted with the powers of a Daemon and therefore refers to herself as one. Due to having an imbued werewolf hand as a vessel bandaged up in her left arm, she is shunned and is also mentioned to be a being which is to be feared by the world. During her journey across regions, she comes across a young boy called Laphicet, who changes her with his pure soul. Devouring daemons with her left arm during her time locked up in Titania, the prison island, has earned her the title Velvet the Daemoneater.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least Low 7-C

Name: Velvet Crowe

Origin: Tales of Berseria

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Classification: Human, Daemon, Lord of Calamity

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Elemental Manipulation (of the Fire, Ice, Water, Wind and Darkness varieties), Energy Manipulation (Can fire balls of energy from her Consume Claw), Power Absorption (Via her demonic claw), Power Nullification (Anti-Magic), Soul Manipulation (Can rip out and eat her opponents' souls by using her claw), Regeneration (At least Mid-Low), Immortality (Type 1)

Attack Potency: At least Small Town level (Should be comparable to Sorey, and killed a Drake he defeated and purified in one attack as well)

Speed: At least Hypersonic (Comparable to Sorey)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: At least Small Town Class

Durability: At least Small Town level

Stamina: High

Range: Extended melee range with martial arts and swords, a few dozen meters with Artes

Standard Equipment: Lancer and Consume Claw

Intelligence: Likely Average

Weaknesses: Is highly emotional and can be stubborn at times, using the Consume Claw saps away at her health, has little regard for her own safety and is a bit reckless

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Martial Artes:

  • Slicing Foot
  • Tearing Thorn
  • Gouging Spin
  • Swallow Dance
  • Twin Whip
  • Avalanche Fang
  • Harsh Rebuttal
  • Water Snake's Wake
  • Moonlight Cyclone
  • Soaring Dragon
  • Rising Moon
  • Rising Falcon
  • Heaven's Wrath
  • Infernal Torrent

Hidden Artes:

  • Searing Edge
  • Mega Sonic Thrust
  • Shell Splitter
  • Shadow Flow
  • Slag Assault
  • Grounding Strike
  • Cerberus Wave
  • Banishing Thunder
  • Binding Frost
  • Scale Crusher
  • Defiant Conviction


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