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VOCALOID is a voice-synthesizer software developed and published by YAMAHA Corporation. With Hideki Kenmochi as the head of the project, the very first VOCALOID installment hit store in 2004. The first two "Vocals" released for the software were LE♂N and L♀LA. Many others companies however released their own vocals such as Crypton Future Media Inc. with their MEIKO and KAITO.

Nowadays, many Vocals Characters exist from different companies through the 4 different VOCALOID installment. Although most of the content is "fan-made", there are some official featuring of the characters, such as official PVs, Concerts, Videos Games etc.

The most popular of them are the Crypton Future Media Inc. ones, first Japanese VOCALOIDs and the ones who made VOCALOID a pop culture Icon, especially Hatsune Miku.

Power of the Verse

Despite being one that does not center around fighting much at all, the VOCALOID verse is extremely powerful compared to most series, mostly due to the heavy star or cosmos-related themes in their songs. Causing quite a lot of Interstellar travel or interactions with the stars or planets. Although this mostly only applies to the Crypton VOCALOIDS, most of the rest is featless due to possessing very low canon info. The verse thus has many MFTL+ feats with some Large Planet to Multi Solar System feats.






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