What’s important is not “how it should be," but rather “how you want it to be."
~ Hachigen


Hachigen Ushōda (有昭田 鉢玄, Ushōda Hachigen) is a Visored, formerly the lieutenant of the Kidō Corps under Tessai Tsukabishi. He is usually referred to as Hacchi (ハッチ; sometimes translated as "Hutch").

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 7-A, higher with Hollow Mask

Name: Ushōda Hachigen

Origin: Bleach

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, at least over a hundred years

Classification: Shinigami, Visored

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Kidō Master, Flight, Spiritual Awareness, Energy Manipulation, Barrier Creation

Attack Potency: Likely Mountain level (Being capable of casting multiple high level Kido in quick succession, including those on the 80s and 90s levels, his reiryoku and reiatsu levels are likely incredibly high even by the standards of Captain level Shinigami. They should therefore be at least on the level of the likes of Tōshirō Hitsugaya), likely Mountain level+ with Hollow Mask and his most powerful Kido spells (The Hollow Mask boosts his powers, also according to Aizen, hollowfication allows Shinigami to reach power levels far surpassing that of either a Hollow or a Shinigami. Can put up barriers defending against the attacks of cimbatants superior to the likes of Bankai Hitsugaya and contain the blast of Suì-Fēng's Bankai. His offensive Kido should have comparable power)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Even though he is depicted as slower than the rest of the Visoreds he should still be on this level in terms of combat speeds and reactions)

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman

Striking Strength: Likely Mountain Class

Durability: Likely Mountain level, Mountain level+ with Hollow Mask, Mountain level+ with barriers (Took attacks from a Resurrección Baraggan, tanked Suì-Fēng's Jakuhō Raikōben)

Stamina: High. Much weaker characters can fight for days without rest and with injuries that would be fatal to even the hardiest of normal humans. Can cast multiple level 80s and 90s Kido in quick succession.

Range: Extended melee range when fighting with his sword, several hundreds of meters with projectiles and Ceros and Kido spells.

Standard Equipment: His Zanpakutō

Intelligence: Hachi has been shown to be very observant of his opponents' abilities and powers, even going as far as to use it against them, as seen when he defeated Barragan with his own ability after deciphering the nature of Respira.

Weaknesses: Hollow Mask only lasts 5 minutes but can be reapplied

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Shunpo Practitioner: While possessing the ability to use flash steps, unfortunately for him, Hachi is not as fast as the other Visored. He becomes noticeably winded, just by trying to keep up with them.

Great Spiritual Power: Hachi excels in Kidō which requires considerable reserves of spiritual power as well as control over that power in order to properly cast spells. Being a Visored, Hachi possesses a dual type spiritual energy, part Shinigami and part Hollow.



Hachigen's Zanpakutō

His Zanpakutō has a broad blade and a square shaped hilt. Hachigen can summon it via Kidō.

Shikai: Not yet revealed.

Bankai: Not yet achieved.


Hachis mask

Hachigen's Hollow mask

Hollow Mask: His mask was first seen as a plain one with goggle eyes, though it was not fully formed yet. It was later fully revealed when the Visored came to fight Aizen. It strongly resembles a traditional Balinese demon mask, with tusks and protrusions from the top. A row of feather-like spikes also stick out from the top of the mask, similar to a Native American headdress.
Power Augmentation: While wearing his mask, Hachi's Hollow powers supplement his Shinigami powers, giving him a vast increase in his Kidō abilities.
  • Cero (虚閃 (セロ), Sero; Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash", Doom Blast in the Viz translation"): An attack used by Menos, Arrancar, and Visored.


  • Hachigyō Sōgai
  • Standing Ovation
  • Roppō Fūjin
  • Shijū no Saimon
  • Ryūbi no Jōmon
  • Kokō no Jōmon
  • Kigai no Jōmon
  • Hōyoku no Jōmon
  • Hako Okuri
  • Goyōgai
  • Chocolate Bar Slider
  • Sajō Sabaku
  • Gochūtekkan
  • Kin

Kidō Master: As the former lieutenant of the Kidō Corps, Hachigen is a powerful Kidō master. He is particularly skilled in Bakudō and is able to use Bakudō #99 Kin, fully controlling it without an incantation, though it tires him out when he exerts such high-level spiritual energy.

  • Kidō Creation: After being exiled from Soul Society, Hachigen refined his Kidō skills further to create new spells including alternate types of spells unknown to any other Shinigami. He is frequently tasked with creating various barriers and binding spells that not only conceal but are capable of hiding Reiatsu. One example of these hybrid spells he has invented is "Hachigyō Sōgai". His barriers are unique, original, and of his own design and cannot be dispelled by standard Shinigami Kidō.
  • Time-Space Barriers: By his own admission, his new powers are very similar to those of Orihime Inoue's and he likes her company because of this. He is also highly skilled in a form of Kidō-based healing that he calls "Time-Space Regression" (時空退行, Jikū Taikō), reminiscent of Orihime's healing ability "Sōten Kisshun", he used this skill to restore the completely destroyed Tsubaki, where even Orihime had failed. He is also capable of using barriers as offensive weapons to devastating effect. One example of this is the ability to transfer an object directly into matter using a barrier as a catalyst. In his battle with Baraggan Louisenbairn, Hachigen stopped the decay of his right arm with his barrier and transferred it into the Espada's stomach. Although his power has great destructive potential, Hachigen maintains that his abilities are not meant for combat.
  • Kaidō (回道, Turn Way): Hachigen is shown to have some proficiency in healing Kidō.
  • Hachigyō Sōgai (八爻双崖, Eight Joined Twin Cliffs): A double dislocation barrier which erases whatever is within it from existence and removes the space it takes up from an outsider's inner consciousness, making it so one cannot even perceive its presence. The very thought of getting close to it does not even occur to those outside it. It is so powerful and unique in composition, it cannot be undone by Shinigami Kidō.
  • Standing Ovation (スタンディング・オベーション, Sutandingu Obēshon): Snapping his fingers with hands several times, Hachigen creates a blue, cuboid barrier around the head of his opponent. Bringing the palms of his hands together, Hachigen emits a shockwave of Reiatsu from them. When the wave hits his opponent, the barrier turns red before falling away, decapitating the victim in the process. This technique can be used against multiple opponents at once.
  • Roppō Fūjin (六方封陣, Hexagon Seal Array): A 3-dimensional, horizontal and vertical cross-shaped green barrier forms around an opponent, sealing them inside.
  • Shijū no Saimon (四獣の塞門, The Gate of Four Beasts): This barrier is formed by combining Ryūbi no Jōmon, Kokō no Jōmon, Kigai no Jōmon, and Hōyoku no Jōmon. When the four barriers come together, they create a rectangular prison-like barrier around the opponent. It was strong enough to contain the explosion from Suì-Fēng's Jakuhō Raikōben, albeit it had several cracks and was distended.
    • Ryūbi no Jōmon (竜尾の城門, The Gate of Dragon Tail): Creates over a dozen pillars, which are arranged by hand gestures, making them form a gigantic shield or door-like barrier between the caster and the opponent.
    • Kokō no Jōmon (虎咬の城門, The Gate of Tiger Fang): A barrier appears and takes the shape of a watermill. Its inner section can be opened up like a set of fangs, allowing one to attack through the barrier.
    • Kigai no Jōmon (亀鎧の城門, The Gate of Turtle Shell): Creates a barrier by combining many small hexagons to form a honeycomb-like structure.
    • Hōyoku no Jōmon (鳳翼の城門, The Gate of Phoenix Wings): This barrier is created from an obelisk and many planks combining to form a sort of lampshade, resembling folding wings and a crude bird's head/body.
  • Hako Okuri (匣遺, Farewell Box): Sealing an object inside of a box-shaped orange barrier, Hachigen teleports the box wherever he wishes it to go. It can even transport the object within another object, like another person.
  • Goyōgai (五養蓋, Five Support Cover): Hachigen holds his arms above the intended target and envelops them in a translucent, yellow prism of Reiatsu. The prism freezes the state of a person and can be used to hold off death from mortal injuries.
  • Chocolate Bar Slider (チョコレート·バー·スライダー, Chokorēto Bā Suraidā): The practitioner creates a line of five rectangular prisms in between their hands, and then launches them at the opponent. The cubes then multiply in number, barraging the opponent with bludgeoning force at multiple angles.
  • Bakudō #63: Sajō Sabaku (鎖条鎖縛, Locking Bondage Stripes): Creates numerous golden ropes that seek the target and tighten around their arms and torso to prevent proper movement.
  • Bakudō #75: Gochūtekkan (五柱鉄貫, Five-Pillared Iron Weights): Hachigen clasps his hands together, five small yellow orbs with skinny tails emerge from between his clasped hands and move above his head before forming a circle of five. Raising his clasped hands above his head, Hachigen slams them downward, sending the orbs into the ground. As a bright light is generated in the sky above the intended target, five tall and thick pillars, which are connected to each other by chains, pin the target to the ground.
  • Bakudō #99, Part 1: Kin (禁, Prohibition): The practitioner holds their palms away from themselves, with their arms extended out to the sides, before clasping their hands together, with the fingers intertwined intricately, causing their target's arms to be bound to their back with spiritual fabric and iron shafts.


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