Lina's Calc:

At 18.133, this is just the point in the video that Raven dodges the lightning bolt.

At 18.399, this is the point where the lightning crashes to the ground, and Raven successfully dodges the lightning.

  • Raven is 63px tall = 1.8m
  • Raven moves 56.57 pixels = 1.6163m

Now, considering that this feat was done inside a building, we need to know how high the said "lightning cloud" was up. Looking at the background, we see a bunch of columns in the background that are supporting the ceiling

Looking at the plain columns section the standard column height ranges from about 108 to 150 inches tall, or about 2.75m to 3.82m in height.

We will go with the taller end in terms of height since the columns seem to be larger in size/thickness, meaning they would be taller in height as well. Now that we have the height of the column, we can find the height of the ceiling shown in the background as well.

  • Column height = 56px = 3.82m
  • Ceiling height = 137px = 9.345m

The maximum height where Sonia can summing her cloud-to-ground lightning is at the ceiling, meaning the lightning is coming from 9.345m away.

Raven's speed

  • Timeframe of lightning = (9.345m)/(440000m/s) = 2.12386e-5 seconds
  • Raven's speed = Distance Raven moved / Timeframe of lightning
  • Raven's speed = 1.6163m / 2.12386e-5 seconds = 76101.87m/s, or Mach 223.63

TL;DR: Lightning cloud height is at 9.345m because that is the height of the ceiling. Raven dodged 1.6163m at the same time lightning bolt moved 9.345m.

- - -

My old and busted calc:

(Take this calc in check ONLY if Aureola is not used to determine GBA character speeds anymore.

This applies to Genealogy, Thracia, Binding Blade, Blazing Blade, Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn chracters.

Example of Bolding being dodged.

As we can see, characters seem to dodge in place, but Fire Emblem spaces are far bigger than the little space we are led to believe (Based on the space the Fire Dragon uses in his image and in the cinematics (

The Scouring
, and to semi calc  how wide those spaces are, here are some forms i would calc this.


Ballistas in FE7 have a range of 10 spaces and according to the calculations from ancient weapons, ballistas in the middle ages roughly reach 800 metters in draw distance.

800/10= 80 Metres.


Since most bow users are considered experts on their skills at archery, it is fair to compare them to the actual world record holder for farthest accurate distance, Matt Stuzman.

We will be using a LONG BOW at its maxinum distance, 3 spaces.

283.47/3 = 94.49 metres.


Same as before, but well be using a normal bow at its regular space distance. (2)

283.47/2 =141.735 metres

So, since am not sure which might be considered apropiate, lets use three distances to semi-calc this.

Low end - 80 metters

Average- 94.49 metters

High End - 141.735  Metters 

(X mettters)(4.4×105 m/s)/(2000m)

Low end - 17600  m/s - Mach 51.72 High Hypersonic+

Average- 20790 m/s - Mach 61.09, High Hypersonic+ 

High end - 31181.7 m/s - Mach 91.63, High Hypersonic+

But, their dodge animations varie, so this might be waylower than presented.

Now, this might be TERRIBLY wrong, since this is the first time i calc stuff like this.