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This will be the first of a series of blogs trying to better explain and clarify the power levels for The Elder Scrolls series. Our current profiles are quite frankly awful and they need to be severely improved.

First of all, I like to give gigantic thanks, and huge shout outs to the user TTGL from the OBD, who is quite frankly the most knowledgeable debater on The Elder Scrolls I've seen online, and whose blogs and threads are the only reason this is possible.

He's awesome. He was the first one to gather and showcase all of this. Please don't treat me as a genius for this blog which is just a giant compilation of his work.

Secondly, this blog's purpose is to discuss the series' general cosmology, and the overall power of its various gods and entities, as suggested by its title. Discussions about Consistency in the Lore, and the Canonicity of this or that text should be taken to the appropriate blog.

There will also be a third and final blog, focusing on the more metaphysical and philosophical aspects of the series. It will be by far the most ambitious, and it'll take the longest to write.

With that said, let us begin.

The Basic of the Basic

Everyone's probably seem this, the official description of the cosmology, but it should be posted here as it forms the basis of everything:

What are planets?
The planets are the gods and the planes of the gods, which is the same thing. That they appear as spherical heavenly bodies is a visual phenomena caused by mortal mental stress. Since each plane(t) is an infinite mass of infinite size, as yet surrounded by the Void of Oblivion, the mortal eye registers them as bubbles within a space. Planets are magical and impossible. The eight planets correspond to the Eight Divines. They are all present on the Dwarven Orrery, along with the mortal planet, Nirn.
What is Nirn?
Nirn (Ehnofex for 'Arena') is a finite ball of matter and magic made from all of the god planets at the beginning of time, when Lorkhan tricked/convinced/forced the gods to create the mortal plane. Nirn is the mortal plane and the mortal planet, which is the same thing. Its creation upset the cosmic balance; now all souls (especially the Aedra-Daedra/Gods-Demons) have a vested interest in Nirn (especially its starry heart, Tamriel).
What are moons?
Small planets, insofar as one infinite mass of infinite size can be smaller than another. Planets do have orbits, or at least lunar orbits are perceived to happen by mortals. Moons are regarded by various cultures as attendant spirits of their god planet, or minor gods, or foreign gods. The moons of Nirn are Masser and Secunda. Moons are not represented in the Dwarven Orrery.
What are Masser and Secunda?
Masser and Secunda ('Jone' and 'Jode' in the Ehlnofex), the moons of Nirn, are the attendant spirits of the mortal plane. They are like the mortal plane in that they are temporal and subject to the bounds of mortality; in fact of this, the moons are dead and died long ago. The moons used to be pure white and featureless, but today their 'skin' is decaying and withering away. Their planes are likewise dying. Mortals perceive this as the moons being spheres with patches of their 'surfaces' completely eaten away; as the moons spin, they seem to become slivers or ragged crescents. These are not caused by shadows, because you can see stars through the black patches of the lunar spheres.
What is space?
Space is the interpretation of Oblivion, which is black and empty and surrounds the mortal plane. Space is infinite, but it acts just like a planet, in that Oblivion is 'surrounded' by Aetherius. You can see Aetherius by the stars.
What are stars?
The stars are the bridges to Aetherius, the magic plane. They are perceived as holes on the inside surface of space. Because they are on the inside of a sphere, all stars are equidistant from Nirn. Larger stars, therefore, are not closer to the mortal plane, they are just larger tears in Oblivion. The largest tear in Oblivion is Magnus, the sun.
What are shooting stars, then?
A misnomer. Shooting stars are bits of matter and magic, either from Oblivion or Aetherius, that sometimes move through the cosmos. The largest shooting stars are really planets with independent orbits, like Baan Dar the Rogue Plane.
What are constellations?
Constellations are collections of stars. Since each star is a bridge to magic, constellations are very powerful phenomena, and are revered. There are generally accepted to be thirteen constellations. Nine of these are made up completely of stars. Three others are called guardian constellations, as they are each governed by a Dominion Planet. The Dominion Planets are Akatosh (eye of the Warrior), Julianos (eye of the Sage), and Arkay (eye of the Thief). The last constellation is made up of unstars, and is called the Snake.
What is the sun?
Magnus is the sun, the largest hole in Oblivion, and the gateway to magic. Magnus was present at the creation of the mortal plane, and, in fact, was its architect (Lorkhan was its advocate and inspiration). Prehistoric (before ME2500, startyear) Nirn was a magical place, and highly unstable to the first mortals. Magnus then left, some say in disgust, and Oblivion filled in the void with the Void. His escape was not easy, and tatters of Magnus remain in the firmament as stars.
What is the sky?
The sky is another visual phenomenon caused by mortal mental stress, the night sky in particular. The sky is as impossible as planets; in essence, when you look into the sky, 'you look outside the material plane'. At night, Nirn is surrounded by Oblivion. The day sky is the multicolored elemental cloak of Magnus the sun. It changes colors as elemental influences rise and fall. Thus, when one looks at the day sky, they see into the raiments of Aetherius, and stare at magic.
How was the universe created?
Those phenomena of the spirit realm that inhabitants of Nirn interpret as a universe came into being during the Dawn Era. It was created through magic and myth, and this process is interpreted in a variety of ways too numerous to mention here. These myths can be accessed elsewhere.

Basically. Infinite everything.

Moons are infinite in size and are the realms of lower gods, which are the same as said gods themselves. Planets are a higher infinity in size and are the realms of important gods. Planets are surrounded by space, which is a higher infinity still, and space is Oblivion. Stars are all an equally infinite distance away from Nirn, being holes in the fabric of Oblivion to Aetherius.

The only part of the "Universe" which isn't infinite is Nirn, the mortal plane, which is the only part of reality which is not physically impossible and actually composed of matter instead of magic.

Oblivion itself is divided into countless realms, planes and pocket realities which are lorded by Daedric Princes. These individual realities should all be infinite, like moons and planets, albeit a lesser infinity than the totality of Oblivion.

Sanguine, for example, rules over 100,000 realms of Oblivion, which would at the very least be 2-B

Sanguine, Prince of Hedonism, lords over no less than ten times ten thousand pleasure pockets of the Void. As revelry and drunken stupor fall under this Prince’s influence, he has been a favorite of many Emperors since the first foundation. Records even indicate that he resided in White-Gold Tower during the reign of Reman Cyrodiil and helped in the somewhat dubious draftsmanship of the Crendali Festivals, whose vulgarities did little to help Imperial expansion into Alinor and the other Summersets.
~ Imperial Census of Daedra Lords

He's not special among the deities and Daedric Princes in sheer power.

Parallel Worlds & Other Realities

The TES cosmology is comprised by The Aurbis, the multiverse if you will, which itself is split into three parts - Aetherius, the spiritual realm, the void of Oblivion and Mundus, the mortal universe.

However, there is much, much more out there than just this one thing. The "Multiverse" of The Elder Scrolls contains quite possibly other "Multiverses" in itself. Aetherius and Oblivion themselves contain multiple realms and other, less structured realities:

"Aurbis" is used to connote the imperceptible Penumbra, the Gray Center between the IS/IS NOT of Anu and Padomay. It contains the multitude realms of Aetherius and Oblivion, as well as other, less structured forms.
~ Myths of the Aurbis

That's not all. Mundus is not just one mortal universe, but a multitude of them. In Sermons of Vivec, Vivec ventures to parallel worlds called the Middle Worlds & the Adjacent Places, where creatures called Grabbers live:

Then Vivec left Seht to look after the dome-head demon and went back to the space that was not a space. From the Provisional House he looked into the middle world to find the fifth monster, called The Ruddy Man.
~ 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 28
Do not go to the realm of apology for absolution. Beyond articulation, there is no fault. The Adjacent Place, where the Grabbers live, is the illusion of the vocal or the middle realms of thought, by which I mean the constructed
~ 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 27
Then Vivec left the mystics of the Number Room and went back to the space that was not a space. From the Provisional House he looked into the middle world to find the sixth monster, called City-Face. He was vexed when he could not find it and went back to the Mourning Hold in secret anger, killing a mystic that asked about higher order.
~ 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 30
Ha-Note moved sideways into the Adjacent Place, growing and unbeknownst. Above the vocal, it trembled with new emotions, immortal ones, absorbing more than the thirty known to exist in the middle world. When Ha-Note became gravely homesick, the Grabbers took it.
~ 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon 30

These Adjacent Places which he mentions? They exist, Lyg is one of them. Vivec's sermons aren't just metaphors:

I give my soul to the Magna Ge, sayeth the joyous in Paradise, for they created Mehrunes the Razor in secret, in the very bowels of Lyg, the domain of the Upstart who vanishes.
~ Mythic Dawn Commentaries 4
Lyg is a backwards coffee stain of Tamriel, I already told you that. One time Nirn got folded up, folded space-style ala Dune Spice Navigators. Lyg is the result.
~ Michael Kirkbride

In The Elder Scrolls, shadows are not merely the absence of light, but a reflection of other possible realities. And masters of Shadow Magic can combined their alternate versions into one, but at a great risk.

First Scroll of Shadow
"... chosen to explore this relation of world to shadow, Azra was the first to realize that shadows were not a mere absence of light but a reflection of possible worlds created by forces in conflict. A light strikes a rock, and the shadow is a record of their clash, past, present and future.
Other conflicting forces produced less obvious shadows, fire and water, wind and rock, or nations at war.
"With skill and patience, the shadows of all could be read, and patterns teased out, emphasized or eradicated.
Manipulating a shadow could, through contagion, manipulate the object or force which cast it."
Second Scroll of Shadow
"... Azra attempted what had never been done before, manipulating his own shadow to such an extent that he instantiated and melded all possible Azras at the same time, crossing over from this singular existence to all the existences in shadow.
Ignorant Redguard soldiers, fearing the power of Azra should he succeed, trapped and confronted Azra.
The battle did not go well for the wizard.
The hole blasted when he lost control of his magics can still be seen at the village that bears his name, Azra's Crossing.
The science of shadow lost a great man that day, although others, such as Pergan Asuul, strive to take his place."

A failed tower creates an entire parrallel universe, including the planets (Which are infinite, remember?).

Therefore each Green-Sap was also every Green-Sap. Within each were told all the stories of the Green, with every ending true, so doors therein were not always Doors Certain. But to this the Boiche-become-Bosmer became inured, and indeed grew to relish these Doors Equivocal, for such was their nature in the schism of the prism. In this way the Bosmer learned which songs made the trees dance, and which dances they might do.

Now return we must to the eighth segmentor rather Segment One, for Anumaril had fangled it in similitude to Tower One, which itself reflected Tower Zero. When the Ayleids fled the Heartlands they went to all eight corners of the compass, and this was a chosen thing, though many corners spelled doom. But more Ayleids fled to Valenwood than to all other directions combined, and this, too, was chosen. Among these clans went Anumaril wearing Segment One as a femurfor how but by walking can a spoke advance its hub?

Green-Saps Elves welcomed the Ayleids so long as the Heartlanders agreed not to dissonate the greensong. All agreed to this save Anumaril, who coughed into his hand unnoticed. He asked the Great Camoran to show him Green-Sap, and was brought to one that by happenstance stood then in Elden Root. Once within the great graht he passed through a Door Equivocal and found his desire, the Perchance Acorn. It was one of many, but for Anumaril one was enough.

Next the fanglement: Anumaril brought forth Segment One among the roots and showed it to the golden nut, and this told an ending, so that the stone became a Definite Acorn. That Elden Tree would not walk again, but Anumaril yet had further intentions for it. Using his dentition as tonal instruments, he dismantled his bones and built of them a Mundus-machine that mirrored Nirn and its planets. And when he had used all his substance in fangling this orrery, he placed the segment-sceptre within, hiding it between the Moons.

Then he waitedbut what he waited for did not eventuate, and perchance hes waiting yet. For

Anumaril had hoped to convert Green-Sap into White-Gold, and thereby make the Heartlanders' realm anew. However, Anumaril did not know, and was not able to know, why his plan went awry. You see, Ayleid magic is about Will, and Shall, and Mustbut under Green-Sap, all is Perchance.

The Ayleid fanglers plan could not succeed and yet neither could it fail. For this is a story that has not yet found its ending.

~ Aurbic Enigma 4: The Elden Tree

Dragonsbreaks are what is created when linear time is split into many smaller fragments, before being merged together again. This happened so the player could canonically get multiple endings to the game. It also makes the work of Tamriel historians a nightmare.

Do you mean, where were the Khajiit when the Dragon Broke? R'leyt tells you where: recording it. 'One thousand eight years,' you've heard it. You think the Cyro-Nordics came up with that all on their own. You humans are better thieves than even Rajhin! While you were fighting wars with phantoms and giving birth to your own fathers, it was the Mane that watched the ja-Kha'jay, because the moons were the only constant, and you didn't have the sugar to see it.
~ Where Where You When The Dragon Broke?

And as he previously mentioned in his sermons, Vivec can exist in multiple universes at once, confirmed by Word of God:

If a hermaphroditic, bug-armored, bipolar god-king existing in multiple universes who has his very own bible with *actual* magic strewn throughout it is your idea of a cliche, then I really would like to live in your world. It sounds fun and new.
~ Michael Kirkbride

The Elder Scrolls themselves show that there are multiple possible future timelines:

..of night. The Elder Scolls themselves can pierce the veil. They offer a view of the flux of Time itself. The prophet who reads the scroll sees one version of what might be. Another prophet might have a different vision with equal veracity. The price for insight is the reader's sight. He is struck blind and...
~ Divining the Elder Scolls

As for further evidence... Well:

The staff of the Celestial Mage gives visions of other worlds.

I remember more of the dream every morning. I am in the Observatory, but it is not the Observatory I know. The halls are unfamiliar, but somehow I know where I am. There is a great pressure upon me?I must escape! I must move forward! The deeper I go, the more disjointed it becomes. The stones of the floor separate. In the gaps I see worlds beyond, landscapes I cannot name.

Eight turns left, eight turns right. The sky opens up and stars collapse into one brilliant point of light. And out of it, the staff, shining with the light of Aetherius. As I reach out to touch it, it drifts further into the black void. Please help me, Mage, please! I have failed?.

~ From the journal of Elea Dantaine, Stargazer Initiate

Explicit reference to a parallel universe.

A long debate has lasted many centuries about the true meaning of this rune ????? ????. Some say that it represents the division of good and evil, the very point at which they are balanced and the ???? ?? which that friction ????d the manip??? itself. ?????? others believe that ????? ??????? ??? rune is itself a worm hole which regarded obliquely presents a doorway to a parallel universe. Since the first unexplained appearance appearance of the ????? in our dimension this latter interpretation has gained ground. A ?????? opinion has it that this rune simply means the summation of black and white ???? is the ?????? ???? which is what this ????


~ Book of Dwarven Lore

Reference to multiple mortal realms.

This uncanny pocket realm of Oblivion is a nightmarish forest ruled by the mysterious Crow Mother. It's like Tamriel, yet unlike, for the Daedra cannot create, only imitate, and their simulacra of mortal realms are always twisted and exaggerated.
~ Loading Screen (Online)

Psijic Monk treats the world as a singular among many:

The Eye has grown unstable. It cannot remain here, or else it may destroy your College and this world. It must be secured. Ancano's actions prove that the world is not ready for such a thing. We shall safeguard it... for now. You now have the opportunity to maintain your College, and carry on with your lives. You have our gratitude, Arch-Mage.
~ Quaranir

Size of Oblivion

Oblivion is infinite and has infinite realms of infinite size. Here:

The Loremaster, an offical RPG Q & A, states that not only are there infinite realms of Oblivion, but they also manifest all possibility.

“I have a question for his awfulness Lyranth, but I think it concerns more the relationship between some kinds of lesser Daedra than the ranks topic treated here. I hope it will be worth the attenction of your lordship. We all recognize the fierce reptile daedroth, but I've also heard of another unspecified so-called “fire daemon", that appears to be physically related to the daedroth, but it seems to be more intelligent. I've once seen something similar when I came across into the dreaded “Haunter of the Cliffs". An analogous doubt arises about the nasty banekin and the “homunculi" whereof we can read in the “A Hypothetical Treachery" script. Are they the same creatures? And is there a relationship between the dire Nightmare Courser, whereof is said to be the breed of Mehrunes Dagon, and the legendary fire-spitting Hell Hound?

With your grace, I'd want to finally acknowledge what connection there's between all those creatures, that certainly share a common origin in the planes of Oblivion." - Shanke-Naar Righthorn

Lyranth the Foolkiller says, “Your problem, mortal, is exemplified by your words, 'share a common origin in the planes of Oblivion.' There is nothing 'common' about, between, or across the planes of Oblivion—they are the very definition of change and variation, manifesting all possibilities, and validating all understanding and misunderstanding. You seek similarities where there are only differences, a classification of chaos. You think that, because you perceive a superficial resemblance between the outward appearance of the Nightmare Courser and the Hell Hound, that they must share a 'relationship.' Ever the mortal mind defends itself against the reality of what it cannot comprehend by the pathetic imposition of familiar patterns on entities of inconvenient hyperagonal morphology. Bah. Reflect on the fact that you have failed to understand a single word of my explanation, and burden me with no more such questions."

"Ah, I see my memospore transmission was a success. You understand why I choose not to appear before a being such as yourself in the flesh. I'm no fool, as was I assume the one who earned you your title. To the questions, then.

Firstly, just how common is it for one of the Kyn to receive a field promotion, as it were? I understand your people operate off a strict military hierarchy, and that constant wars are being fought in Oblivion. This must surely mean that rapid promotions and demotions occur, presumably when a commanding officer is temporarily separated from his body through shameful defeat. Can you enlighten me on that, fearful warrior?

One other thing - your rowdy "cousins" the Xivilai. What are your opinions on them? I've heard they're physically imposing, but are difficult to train as soldiers, and only operate as mercenaries and Auxiliaries of the Princes they serve. Is there any truth to that? Also, who would win in a fight between you and a Xivilai, if you don't mind me asking? I can't resist that question, especially since I'm in a different dimension from yourself currently." ~ Legate Cyclenophus of the Bretonic Imperial Restoration Society

Lyranth the Foolkiller says, “Though you are a lowly worm, I shall answer both your questions, in hopes that it will infuriate Eis Vuur Warden, so that he will seek you out 'in the flesh' to enact revenge for my blatant favoritism. (It is, after all, what I would do.) Regarding promotions and demotions: a rigid hierarchy such as we Dremora glory in defines the relationship between ranks, but does not dictate what rank an individual must fill. (Except, of course, when it does, but explaining further exceeds the scope of my willingness to answer.) In the service of a great and warlike Master, discorporation of individuals is frequent, but the hierarchy must persist! In such cases change of rank is necessary, that the web of command be maintained.

Ah, the Xivilai. Are there any Daedra, in all the infinite worlds of Oblivion, more pompous and filled with unwarranted conceit than those impertinent and unruly louts? It is true that their combination of brute strength and low cunning makes them effective agents in certain rare situations, but for most purposes they are sadly unreliable. As you may be aware, our Master's personal guard, the Xivkyn, are the result of experiments with vestigial hybridization in the Vile Laboratory. At first blush they seem acceptable allies, but before we Dremora can fully trust them, we need to see an archaeon or two pass to give us some track record."

There are numerous other mentions of this, such as the wizard Arkved's note after entering the realm of the Daedric Princess Vaermina:

There is no world so great as the world of the mind.
There is no voyager so well-traveled as the traveler in the land of dreams.
There is no abyss so deep as the well of terror that lies within each of us.
I have plumbed its depths.
I have seen the unthinkable. I am unafraid.
Even death's boundaries do not confine me.
I am the lord of limitless space, and the master of place and time.
Through the doors of sleep, the universe lies waiting for me.
I will no longer wait for my dreams to carry me worlds away, to unknowable deeps, to unspeakable vastness.
I shall dwell in the House of Vaermina forever, the Orb my companion.
There is no compass to my destination, no end to my journey.
My mind is the eternal voyager, fearless and wild with wonder in the Halls of Horror.

~ Arkved's Handwritten Note

Hermaeus Mora's realm of Apocryphia is stated to be infinite multiple times:

Morian Zenas described to me an endless library, shelves stretching on in every direction, stacks on top of stacks. Pages floated on a mystical wind that he could not feel. Every book had a black cover with no title. He could see no one, but felt the presence of ghosts moving through the stacks, rifling through books, ever searching.

It was Apocrypha. The home of Hermaeus-Mora, where all forbidden knowledge can be found. I felt a shudder in my mind, but I could not tell if it was my master's or mine.

~ The Doors of Oblivion

The infinite archives of Hermaeus Mora are the ultimate treasure. Its innumerable shelves and countless books carry the weight of all knowledge. Therein, the diligent reader can find all that was, all that is, and all that will be.​

Followers of the Divines, content in their dark cloisters of ignorance, preach hatred of the Golden Eye. Daedra, they call him: unclean, monstrous, wicked.

We have seen the truth. Knowledge is only as wicked as the one who wields it. Forsaking learning in fear of its misuse is the ultimate sin. It is an unforgivable folly. As a result, mortals have suffered countless centuries of loss.

In Apocrypha, the Golden Eye weeps cold tears at this plague of ignorance. Those who walk his halls are truly blessed. Even as their flesh falls away, they are permitted to browse the infinite tomes and scrolls, privy to all mysteries that have ever and will ever exist. It is the most blessed of fates.

We give you praise, Hermaeus Mora. We seek enlightenment, illumination, and a place at your side.

~ Apocryphia

An aspect of Oblivion is refferred to as infinite in the novel The Infernal City:

“Stay together!” Sul shouted. He took a step, and again the unimaginable sensation, and now they were in utter darkness—but not silence, for all around them were chittering sounds and the staccato scurrying of hundreds of feet.

They were in an infinite palace of colored glass.

They were on an icy plane with a burning sky.

They were standing by a dark red river, and the smell of blood was nearly suffocating.

They were in the deepest forest Attrebus had ever seen.

He was braced for the next transition, but Sul was suddenly swearing.

“What?” Attrebus said. “Where are we? Is this still Oblivion?”

“Yes,” he said “We‟ve been interrupted. He must have sniffed out my spoor and laid a trap.”

~ The Infernal City

The Daedric Princes are not limited to only rulling a single realm each:

The Daedra Lords, here from the start, have through long eons hoarded so much surplus of existence that they have built not only their own domains, but much more besides.​
~ Pocket Guide to the Empire: Third Edition

The most well known example of this is Sanguine, who rules over 100,000 realms of Oblivion, but there are other examples, such as this:

I set myself the task of reviewing by survey all the Oblivion planes within range of its infralux pseudocortex. I scanned over 37,000 different planes, chaos realms, and pocket realities before I found what I was looking for in DOP 9497.15, known to its curious inhabitants as "The Fourth Sinus of Takubar." I immediately recognized the plane as a sort of decalescent inversion of DOP 6, "Infernace," well known to conjurers of all races as the home plane of the common flame atronach.
~ Daedra Dossier - Cold Flame Atronarch

Hyperagonal Cosmology

The Elder Scrolls isn't a setting made solely of infinite-sized realms and multiple universes. Higher Dimensions exist in it as well, although you probably never noticed, as the setting prefers to refer to them as "Higher angles".

First, the realms of Oblivion can be higher-dimensional should their ruling Princes wish them to be, or they can be shaped in a way that mortals can comprehend should that be the whim of the prince:

Lord Fa-Nuit-Hen says, “Again I interrupt! The mighty Fa-Nuit-Hen, a servant of Hermaeus Mora? By no means! I am a scion of Boethiah, a sovereign demiprince, and I serve no will but my own! As for time, cause, and consequence, let's just say that the laws of the Dragon God do not apply to Oblivion. Oh, it's useful to adopt the trappings of duration when dealing with mortals, so you'll find Maelstrom quite familiar in that regard. We know how lost you feel away from the hand of Akatosh! Maelstrom is far easier to comprehend than Apocrypha—and much more generous in that we award victorious competitors with fabulous prizes!"

Lord Fa-Nuit-Hen says, “Ah! The 'Weir Gate' leads, or will lead, to the Slipstream Realm where you mortals have or will establish your Battlespire Academy. Regarding the 'Slipstream' designation: mortals, of course, can only perceive Oblivion and the astronomical regions of the Mundus in terms of their own frames of reference. They 'see' only what they can comprehend, and often that isn't much. Furthermore, what they do comprehend often seems to drive them insane, though the rate of mental deterioration varies with individuals. Twice upon a time, the Imperial Mananauts regularly ventured beyond Nirn, and in doing so learned that the mortal mind is best acclimated to other realities by gentle degrees.

This is one of the reasons why Maelstrom seems to resemble aspects of your world—I wished it to be mortal-friendly, or at least friendly enough for mortals to experience my arenas without distorting their mentalities! Anyway, the Mananauts will learn that it's best to train for Oblivion in a transition zone, a place where differing truths can co-exist without conceptual abrasion. At certain points, transliminal forces balance in standing waves, and these regions are designated 'Slipstream Realms.' We haven't actually been to Battlespire yet, have we, my Tutor? Would you please remember forward for me to tell the Quidnunc about this 'Weir Gate'?"

Even lesser Daedra possess higher spatial perception than mortals:

Lyranth the Foolkiller: Ever the mortal mind defends itself against the reality of what it cannot comprehend by the pathetic imposition of familiar patterns on entities of inconvenient hyperagonal morphology

To traverse between Mundus and Oblivion one requires the use of hyperagonal media:

Transliminal passage of quickened objects or entities without the persistent agency of hyperagonal media is not possible, and even if possible, would result in instantaneous retromission of the transported referents. Only a transpontine circumpenetration of the limen will result in transits of greater than infinitesimal duration.

Though other hyperagonal media may exist in theory, the only known transliminal artifact capable of sustained transpontine circumpenetration is the sigil stone. A sigil stone is a specimen of pre-Mythic quasi-crystalline morpholith that has been transformed into an extra-dimensional artifact through the arcane inscription of a daedric sigil. Though some common morpholiths like soul gems may be found in nature, the exotic morpholiths used to make sigil stones occur only in pocket voids of Oblivion, and cannot be prospected or harvested without daedric assistance.

Therefore, since both the morpholiths and the daedric sigils required for hyperagonal media cannot be obtained without traffic and commerce with Daedra Lords, it is necessary that a transliminal mechanic cultivate a working knowledge of conjuration -- though purpose-built enchantments may be substituted if the mechanic has sufficient invocatory skill. Traffic and commerce with Daedra Lords is an esoteric but well-established practice, and lies outside the compass of this treatise.[1]

~ Liminal Bridges

A vague reference to the existence of infinite angles:

As she fell, the Divine Metronome chiseled a thought-rune of infinite angles.
~ The Truth in Sequence

A vague reference to infinite dimensions, unsure if parallel or spatial:

Know that there are places beyond Tamriel where the cunning and the wary can go to learn forgotten spells. I speak of the planes of Oblivion. The sea of limitless dimensions contains an endless series of islands. Some are controlled by the mighty Daedric Princes; others are loosely connected to one minor Daedra Lord or another. On these islands, creatures dwell who possess secrets out of time. Some are there of their own volition, but others are banished there for crimes either heinous or imagined.
~ Rulantaril's Notes

A reference to the existence of non-cardinal points:

Vivec then watched as the slaves erupted into babble and breaking magic. They rattled their cages and sung out half-hymns that formed into forbidden and arcane knowledge. Litany fiends appeared and drank from the excess. Grabbers from the Adjacent Place came into the world sideways, the slave talking having disrupted the normal non-cardinal points.
~ 36 Lessons of Vivec, Sermon Twenty-Six

And finally, the famous 16th Dimensional feat, where the Hist attacks with 16D weaponized mathematics that distort space and time, and create explosions of impossible angles:

But then the Hist-Jilian wars spilled out of a Wheelian rip into the SubSys slice of 'brane-space, and things changed for Kinmune. With the outer colonies separated from Nu-Mundelbright chronoculic sync-net anchors, maintenance of space-time beyond the F-Shores faltered. As the barely-there Hist blink-root-ship armada fired an artillery barrage of 16th-dimensional mathematics at their Jilian enemies, impossipoint detonations stippled across the Ix-Egg and its clutch-satellites like some garish TalOSian hologram, only without the irony. Kinmune's synthetic body, caught in one of the blasts, suddenly found itself in the Ysgramorim, her mind an aggregate of the residual personalities of her last several users.

It drove her insane. She retreated into snow-covered forests her memory-web could only recall from ancient histories, broadcasting distress calls in all the known languages of the 9th Era. Most of this tok-talk didn't even even exist in the Wheel we knew of then. But the clevermen, heroes, and whalebone-readers of that time could still feel her presence in the woods of the Western Reach. Some felt Kinmune’s distress call as a small tickle of in the Throat, while others were guided by esoteric instinct.


The Augur of the Obscure directly states himself to be higher-dimensional. Augurs are obviously beneath the power of Aedra and Daedric Princes:

Augur Of The Obscure: A breach near the sea! I do love the ocean. It's a shame you can only see in three dimensions. All the quasi-tones and inverse number-forms .... Actually, I take it back—your meat-brain would explode if you saw this.
~ Summerset Online

According to the Augur of the Obscure, the oceans on Nirn are higher-dimensional constructs. I will explain this in more detail on another section, but it is frankly not an absurd idea, and it is consistent with other Lore and Cosmology statements we'be been given:

Augur Of The Obscure: A breach near the sea! I do love the ocean. It's a shame you can only see in three dimensions. All the quasi-tones and inverse number-forms .... Actually, I take it back—your meat-brain would explode if you saw this.
~ Summerset Online

Map of All This

The aforementioned TTGL created a simple, quite amusing but also highly informative graph of The Elder Scrolls cosmology: