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This is a respect thread for Dragon Warrior Monsters, Dragon Quest VI, Dragon Quest IV, and Dragon Quest V. Which makes up the Zenithian Saga. They are all canon to themselves. I am sort of an original game zealot for these games so I will be calling them by their original SNES/NES games. Keep that in mind

Zenithia artwork

Credit to Leonyasch, Morphattack, King Zenith Den, Kenshin1913, and Herotolinea for the footage

Dragon Warrior Monsters

This game does not have that much as the later games. But it is impressive for its monster descriptions

Here are some interesting profiles

The Divinegon (Xenlon in the modern games) can grant wishes. He is loosely canon, as Erdrick meets Zenithia and fights Xenlon in DQIII.

The Floraman can live for hundreds of years

The Wight King has the vast knowledge of the original living king its spirit represents

Necrosaro used the Secret of Evolution to evolve (I will continue on that)

Estark trancends space and time, this is arguably one of the most important proofs Dragon Quest is tier 2, this appears in the Japanese version also.

Deathmoore lies between reality and dreams 

Dragon Quest VI

This is chronologically the first game in the series (Aside for monsters which is directly before it), lets get started on my favorite game of all time, (Sadly the DS version is the canon and more powerful one)


Mudou petrified Botsu, Hassan, and Milayou and then separated their bodies from their souls.


Botsu can survive dropping between two different realms of reality. It is unknown if him just being a dream body affects anything. Maybe not, as he is not phased by the fall when he gets his real body back.


Hassan shows superhuman reaction speeds by making a shed for a dwarf in tops a few minutes


The Mudou of the Dream World was the king of Reidock transformed into a fake demon by Mudou, so Mudou has shapeshifting and mind manipulation


The Goddess is able to talk with telepathy, as seen here with Chamaro


Hassan confirms that Mudou has soul manipulation and can teleport souls across different universes


Mudou tried the same trick to the gang he did in the beginning of the game, but the Mirror of Ra is able to negate it

Between this and the point where you get all Zenithian Equipment, it is a wash. The best feat I remember is that Dread Fiends are able to delete entire islands and chunks of continents from existence.

Here is for Castle Grace's destruction though


A scholar found a being stronger than Deathmore, Nokturnus (Only time I prefer the remake name tbh)


Nokturnus's presence could smite down people, he is actually residing in another universe though. So he has multi-universal range


A phantom who experienced it says the following


What Nokturnus did is not the end of what he will do


Nokturnus is a threat to all worlds. In this context. He means universes (Will explain the cosmology later)


Nokturnus is extremely powerful, as he represents the wrath of the Goddess. That is universal+, as I will prove later


Dhuran, the 2nd strongest Dread Fiend, says Deathmore pales every Dread Fiend


King Zenith is omniscient, but even he needs the sheer power of Botsu and co (I think that is what she is saying?)


One of the most important feats, Deathmore wants to engulf both the Real and Phantom universes into his newly created universe by expanding his original universe. The Phantom Realm is a dream copy of the Real World composed every man's dreams and I will later prove the Real Universe is like ours.

JKX7wGo (1)

The Dread Realm exists between reality and dreams as stated earlier, it is a completely different realm in other words. And you can only get in via Pegasus...


King Zenith is omniscient, as stated earlier


Mortamor only had a few weaknesses


Only the Pegasus can even get to the Dread Realm by will, no other means of transportation or teleportation can, except for Deathmore himself pulling some unlucky guy or gal in


And the unlucky person who is sucked in or goes in his realm will lose all their powers, abilities, speed, happiness, and sense of hope. That or he plays with their desires and makes them kill themselves with greed.

Botsu and co are resistant to telepathy, and it is stated once again Deathmore was going to expand his universe to engulf the two others


The Sages can go into one's soul and mind


The sages are extremely powerful, as they transcend space and time


The sages use this power to destroy Deathmore's mountain, the barrier of his castle, and tear a massive hole between reality and Deathmore's realm, but it did not scratch his castle. For even the sages are weak compared to the great Archfiend


Despite this, Botsu uses the same power source and uses it better. So he too transcends space time and can theoretically go into one's soul. He has the power to defeat the Dread Fiend


This is unquantifable, but plain cool, Deathmore tears opens the bounds of his realm with his bear hands


Deathmore took the Dream World, which is what it just is. A bunch of dreams and phantoms, and turned it into a physical universe not unlike the real universe.

Lastly, I will show Nokturnus's capabiities. You know, the guy who is a multi-universal threat?


Nokturnus is the god of destruction who wants to destory all of existence


Nokturnus can teleport into Mortamor's realm rather casually. And as said earlier, it is impossible to do so. So he has some high tier teleportation

And lastly, this is what he does to Deathmore if he fights him, I feel bad for Deathmore's family to be honest

That is all for DQVI

Dragon Quest IV

I would do it, if I had the game. Sorry

Dragon Quest V

Definitely the one I have the most attatchment to (Just barely over DQVI tbh, but this game just has such amazing moments in it)