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    So, recently a friend of mine introduced me to a fun little tabletop skirmish game called Malifaux. It's quite a enjoyable and fast-paced, and the models have very distinct personality, which I appreciate. However, wanting to get deeper into the lore, I was initially uncertain where to start. Due to the game not being incredibly well known (it's by no means obscure, but is far from a global juggernaut like 40k), it's not exactly easy to find a CliffsNotes version of major story events or feats that may be notable. So it's up to Azzy (which is me) to go through all the Malifaux lore I have access to and note stuff down.

    This list includes:

    • Core Rulebook (Ed. 1.5)
    • Rising Powers
    • Twisting Fates
    • Storm of Shadows
    • Core Rulebook (Ed. 2)
    • Crossroads
    • Shiftin…
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  • Azathoth the Abyssal Idiot

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a MASSIVE work in progress and will definitely be rather messy and unorganized for a little while.

    Well, this was bound to happen, eventually. Welcome, my friends, to what is likely the first of many respect threads for the Warhammer 40k verse. I figured the best place to start off would be the faction I am most familiar with, so we'll be diving right in to the depths of the Warp to dig up some feats for Chaos. 

    dO YOu hEAR thE VOICeS, tOo?!

    We'll start things off with everyone's favorite bloodthirsty champion of the Blood God. Khârn probably has some of the best feats out of all reoccurring Champions of Chaos, partially due to the fact that he gets quite a bit of use as both the main character and primary antagonist i…

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  • Azathoth the Abyssal Idiot

    This is just a really quick blog to help explain why the god tiers of the Undertale verse are placed where they are. 

    Let's start with everyone's favorite ghost child, Chara. As anyone who has played the genocide route will know, Chara and the Player basically go on a killing spree in the Underground; the former by learning from the Player and realizing their "true purpose", and the latter simply because they can. At the end, whether the Player agrees or not, Chara will destroy the world. However, "world" in this case does not refer to the planet, or a single timeline, but instead the game's entire reality. This can be seen by the fact that when Chara performs this feat, the game crashes, and upon booting it back up, there is absolutely not…

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    Note: This is a work in progress. Because I am very busy (and also lazy), the updates will be infrequent. However, there are still a few more races and entities I wish to add before finishing up, so keep an eye out for that.

    So since I've had multiple people, both online and in person, ask me numerous questions about the Cthulhu Mythos, the capabilities of its characters, and the overall power of the verse, I figured I might as well put something like this together as a way to easily show what the verse is made of. Keep in mind this will only cover the "canon" Cthulhu Mythos (i.e. stories written by HPL and his close friends). There will be no miraculously High Hyperversal+ Cthulhu, here. Speaking of which, we'll start with (the remarkably …

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    This is a blog post for trash like me who actually read this webcomic. To anyone else, most of this will probably sound like gibberish.

    A lot of my friends who I've been chatting with seem pretty confused about the very last flash of the comic, so this pretty much only exists to do a sort of play-by-play of everything that happens in the finale. Gonna be trying to avoid speculation in the blog itself and only explain things which directly happened. You'll have to excuse me if I miss a few things or get some minor details wrong.

    WARNING: This will be pretty much nothing but major spoilers, so if you give a shit and have yet to see the ending, I'd suggest waiting.

    • The flash opens with Muse of Space Calliope preparing to use her nifty Space powe…
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