Sportacus Hitting an Apple

Sportacus Hitting an Apple

So this feat is pretty straightforward.

The computer asks Sportacus if he can hit an apple to the moon just because.

Sportacus is all like,


Then he whips out a baseball bat and hits a homerun to the moon.

I'm not good at finding out the exact altitude of the zeppelin, but Sportacus is clearly in the Stratosphere, which ranges from around 10-50 km. I'll be safe and use the average between the two heights, 30 km.

Distance from earth to moon, minus 30 km: 384,370 km

So thats 384370000 meters.

It takes the apple 12 seconds to get to the moon, so divide 384370000 by 12 to get m/s.

32030833.3333 m/s. That's Sub-Relativistic, by the way.

Weight of an apple: 0.15 kg.

Put that into a KE calculator and you'll get:

76,948,071,301,923.17 Joules = Town Level

I also did the math and found out that if he hit the apple with City Level KE, he'd have to send the apple flying at around 4.86 times the speed of light. This is obviously inapplicable, though; mainly for three reasons:

  • Calc stacking from LordXcano's calc for Robbie's durability
  • FTL KE isn't a thing 
  • We don't account for using KE to get speed, here

So the results:

Sportacus should have Town Level attack potency, at least, because of how casually he performed this feat, as well as Sub-Relativistic attack speed via apples, as in the video he showed the ability to shoot out more apples from his suit, though the quantity of apples he possesses is unknown.

And to quote Azzy because I love this comment so much:

"We Are Number One but every 'One' is replaced with Sportacus soloing RWBY"