False knight1
False knight2

I want to get some profiles for this verse made, so I'll calc the only destruction feat I could find.

The Player's character is 42 px tall, and False Knight is 142 px.

Most characters in the verse are bugs, with general terms like "bug kind" being used a lot, and this also happens to be a verse where nails and needles are considered swords. So I'm going to assume that this is like Spongebob where everything is super small.

Under that theory, a quick google search tells me that medium-ish nails are 3 inches. The Player's character is a bit taller than the length of his nail, so I'll say he's 4 inches tall, or about 10 cm.

10 / 42 = 0.238 cm per pixel.

Now using my pixel measurements (I'm assuming that the bridge is similar to False Knight in width, I think it should be at least that wide)....

(0.238 * 142) * (0.238 * 400) * (0.238 * 114) = ~87,294 cm^3

For Fragmentation: 87,294 * 8 = 698,352 joules - Wall level

For V. Fragmentation: 87,294 * 69 = 6,023,286 joules - Wall level