Under Night In-Birth is a 2D, anime style, fighting game developed by French Bread and Arc Systems Work Co. for the PlayStation3. The game is arriving to Steam summer of 2016. The game has many different timelines all deciding on which character you choose to play the campaign as. Each character's campaign is different and has different endings depending on who you choose.

Power of the Verse

Under Night In-Birth is not very powerful, but possesses considerable amounts of speed and hax abilities.

Regards to Canon

Beginning of every campaign- The game takes place in a world very much like our own. Once, on a set day each month the world fuses with the Hollow Night, a pocket dimension filled with Voids. The In-Births work together (or against each other) to wipe out the Voids. One girl named Linne one day finds a high-schooler named Hyde who wields a fabled sword that she was searching high and low for. Before she could ask she receives a message about a plot being conducted by someone named Paradox (who turns out to be Hilda). Linne leaves to go stop Paradox's scheme but little does she know that Hyde decided to follow to find out who and what Linne is.

Canon for each character- It is hard to distinguish what is the overall canon of the story. However we can conclude that Hyde's campaign is the ultimate canon of the games. Although feats from other campaigns can count since they technically happen in another timeline that is parallel to the main timeline.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series





Uni01 Uni02 Uni03 Uni04 Uni05 Uni06

Uni07 Uni08 Uni09 Uni10 Uni11 Uni12

Uni13 Uni14 Uni15 Uni16

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Game Theme

Under Night In-Birth OST- 1000 Years of Red & Black (Opening Theme)04:18

Under Night In-Birth OST- 1000 Years of Red & Black (Opening Theme)

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