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Umi Kajiura is the miko of Tsukuyomi-jima and the idol of her school. She has a childhood friend named Shunsuke Sakurai whom she often opens up to. She awakened as a participant of Ragnarök upon seeing Ryūichi being brutally beaten up to protect her. With her power, she helped him defeated Keisuke Sanada and Hinako Takamine.

After the battle, Umi was fully informed about Ragnarök, the battle she was in, by Reiji Yoshino. Reiji offered an alliance to look for Odin, the mastermind of the incident, and put an everything. However, no one agreed to for their own reasons, Umi included. Nevertheless, she agreed to help them look for Odin.

For some time, she was still friends with Reiji as well as others, but feared that they would turn on her when the situation called for it since she was not their childhood friend. With that fear, Umi gradually lost trust in others. Her mental condition worsened when Shunsuke confessed his feelings to her. Umi realized that she loved him, and to protect her happiness, she decided to get rid of everyone.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-B

Name: Kajiura Umi

Origin: Fortissimo

Gender: Female

Age: 15 Year old

Classification: Magi

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Enhanced Senses, Immortality (Type 3), Regeneration (Low-mid), Can either perfectly replicate any wanted weapon (Including humanoid) or personally modify them for easier use, Electricity Manipulation, Life force Absorption, Sense Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Light Barriers

Attack Potency: Planet level with Yozakura

Speed: Supersonic+ with FTL reactions (Reacted to Momiji's lasers), Speed of Light movement speed via Turbulence

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (A Magi far exceeds the ordinary human being in physical strength)

Striking Strength: Street Class

Durability: City level via scaling (Should have higher durability than Momiji), Planet level with Hinako's Sweet Home

Stamina: High

Range: Dozens of meters

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: High

Weaknesses: If she does not know how to use the copied weapons they are just decorations which cannot do anything, If her magical weapon got destroyed she will die instantly

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Shining Memories (きらきらメモリーズ kirakira memorīzu): Umi's weapon is a pair of eyeglasses, which she commented that she hated them. The glasses can record the data of her enemies to replicate them.


Grimoire (七つの大罪 (グリモワール) gurimowāru; English for Grimoire, Japanese for Seven Deadly Sins): Momiji's weapon is a system consists of seven crystals hovering behind her, giving the impression of a pair of wings. Each crystal bears the Latin name of a sin in the seven cardinal sins and can shoot out flashes with the same colors. The penetrating beams moves at light speed, making it difficult for a normal human to evade. When the beams hit, the opponent will be affected by the crystal's special power, which is reducing a sense corresponding to the sin that hit.


Mistilteinn (ミスティルテイン misutirutein): A set of 51 cards that Keisuke uses as his main offense. Keisuke himself acts as the core of the set; in other words, the defensive Joker, which regenerates both the cards and Keisuke's body when they are attacked.

Sweet Home (スイート・ホーム suīto hōmu), which takes form of a purple bird cage, can generate a powerful defensive shield that rejects everything. For offense, the cage can release blue birds that moving at lightning-fast speed. The shield cannot be broken and the birds will certainly inflict damage upon contact. However, due to her poor health, the absolution of Sweet Home is imperfect, which means it still can break if one knows how to (for instance, using the same technique to counter it) and the birds, which are very powerful offensive power do not last long once released.


Járngreipr (雷光を打ち砕くもの yarungureipuru): a steel gauntlet warping around Ryūichi's right arm. Ryūichi can combine this gauntlet with his martial art skills to dispatch the enemy, but such is not its usage. The true purpose of the gauntlet is to access the nine worlds by linking them side by side with his magical rune 'Nothung'. When Ryūichi reaches his Second Access form, he wears another Járngreipr on his left arm, replacing his Mjöllnir. This Járngreipr is able to accumulate magical power, similar to his Mjöllnir, using its green orb embedded on it.

Mjöllnir (ミョルニル myoruniru): a black glove worn on Ryūichi's left hand that accumulates magical power. It is able to absorb mana from other mahoutsukai for his own uses.

Megingjörð (メギンギョルズ megingyoruzu): a red bandana that converts the magical power gathered by Mjöllnir into lightning. The lightning can then be used as energy for his attacks.

Galaxy Angel (わたしのしもべたち(ギャラクシー・エンジェル) gyarakushī enjeru; English for Galaxy Angel, Japanese for My Servants): Umi does not have her own attacking methods. Her offense comes from the weapons she replicated from the enemy. She can either perfectly replicate the wanted weapon or personally modify them for easier use

Aegismaiden (高潔なる処女 (アイギスメイデン) aigisumeiden; English for Aegis Maiden, Japanese for Noble Virgin): A large, bright yellow shield that is said to be unbreakable by any type of rune. It is mainly used for defense rather than offense. The shield only breaks when Umi loses focus or when she does not use all her magic on it, as her magic is what keeps it stable and strong

Stormbringer (傷だらけの忠誠心 (ストームブレディンガー) sutōmuburedingā; English for Storm Bringer, Japanese for Wounded Loyalty): When any of Mistilteinn's 51 cards hit the enemy, Umi can activate their true ability: devouring the life force of their target

Lævateinn (穢れなき桜光の聖剣(レーヴァテイン) rēvatein; Norse for Damage Twig, Japanese for Holy Sword of the Untainted Cherry Blossom Light): Yozakura's version of Sakura's original Lævateinn, powered by gathering enough energy from the moonlight. Lævateinn is a type of magic that can be shot out as a gigantic energy blast, capable of crushing an entire planet in its best condition


Lævateinn Judgment (正義なき七つの大罪(レーヴァテイン・ジャッジメント) rēvatein jajjimento; Japanese for Injustice Seven Deadly Sins): combining Sakura's Lævateinn and Momiji's Judgment, Yozakura can shoot a more powerful version of Lævateinn, fused with Judgment.


Thorhammer Lævateinn (正義なき漆黒の雷光(トールハンマー・レーヴァテイン) tōruhanmā rēvatein; Japanese for Injustice Black Lightning): combining Sakura's Lævateinn and Ryūichi's Thorhammer, Yozakura can shoot a super powered version of Lævateinn, which far surpasses the original Sakura's attack. The attack is highly unstable, however, and requires far too much energy to use.


Note: This profile is for both Yozakura and Umi


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