Ulquiorra Cifer
You are a fool, Ichigo Kurosaki. You willingly seek to challenge an opponent so much more powerful than you that it strikes a primal fear into your being. Incomprehensible. If this is the work of the 'heart' that you people speak of, then it is because you possess this 'heart' that you humans bring hurt upon yourself, because you possess this 'heart' that you lose your lives.
~ Ulquiorra to Ichigo


Ulquiorra Cifer (ウルキオラ・シファー, Urukiora Shifā) is the Cuatro (4th) Espada in Aizen's army of Arrancars.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A | 7-A | At least 7-A

Name: Ulquiorra Cifer

Origin: Bleach

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Arrancar (originally Vasto Lorde-class Hollow), 4th Espada

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Pseudo-Flight, Basic/Expert Swordsmanship, Sonido Expert (Speed enhancement technique), Ability to use Reiryoku and exert it as Reiatsu to increase the user’s offensive power and defensive abilities, Can use basic Arrancar techniques (Like Cero and Bala), Can sense beings with Reiatsu (With Pesquisa), Dimensional Travel (Via Garganta), Regeneration (Low-Mid; he can regenerate his eyes and lost limbs), Instant replay of whatever he has seen to others, Immense Aura (Via Reiatsu), and BFR via Caja Negacion

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Superior to base Grimmjow, with the Sexta Espada being outright wary of facing him. Should be far stronger than Shikai Tōshirō Hitsugaya) | Mountain level+ (Superior to Resurrección Nnoitra Gilga and just below Resurrección Harribel. Should not be weaker than and is likely far superior to Bankai Hitsugaya) | At least Mountain level+ (Far more powerful than his previous form. His Lanza del Relampago unleash an explosion which dwarfed the city-sized fortress of Las Noches and can send violent shockwaves which can be felt several dozen or even a hundred+ kilometres away)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Can keep up with the likes of Vizard Ichigo) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Overwhelmed Vizard Ichigo) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Blitzed Ichigo from a considerable distance)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Mountain Class (Can easily match Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō augmented strikes) | Mountain Class+ (Overpowered Vizard Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshō with his Luz de la Luna javelin and heavily injured him) | At least Mountain Class+ (Vastly stronger than his previous form. Can also use Lanza del Relampago as a melee weapon)

Durability: Mountain level, higher with Hierro (Tanked a Getsuga Tensho from Vizard Ichigo) | Mountain level+ (A Hollowfied Getsuga Tensho has no effect on him), higher with Hierro | At least Mountain level+ (Survived H2 Ichigo's Cero which casually overpowered his own Cero Oscuras even though it was far stronger while in his Segunda Etapa), higher with Hierro

Stamina: Extremely high. Vastly weaker characters can fight for days without issue and with severe injuries. Ulquiorra himself has proven capable of continuing to fight despite limbs being torn off and internal organs destroyed.

Range: Extended melee range when in close combat, several hundred metres with Cero, Several kilometers with Cero Oscuras and Lanza del Relampago.

Standard Equipment: His Zanpakutō, Murciélago, Caja Negación

Intelligence: In addition to his remarkable combat prowess, Ulquiorra is gifted with great insight and understanding of situations at hand. His intelligence is something Aizen, a man arguably best known for his intellect, harbors respect for, as he sent Ulquiorra to investigate Ichigo's power and threat level. With his calm and collected nature, Ulquiorra is highly perceptive and analytical, deducing the basic idea of his opponent's skills to figure out their strengths and weaknesses.

Weaknesses: Although he possesses regeneration, he's unable to regenerate lost inner organs and Lanza Del Relampago is rather difficult to aim.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Sonído Master: One of Ulquiorra's more noticeable traits is his tremendously skillful speed. He caught up with Ichigo after kicking him from a tower in a few moments. He can skillfully keep up with Ichigo's Bankai speed. Ulquiorra moves at an excessively fast speed in combat, so fast Ichigo found it hard to even discern his movements at first. He remained able to use Sonído while being burdened with the absence of most of his left leg.


Ulquiorra's Cero

Cero (虚閃 (セロ), Sero; Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash", Doom Blast in the Viz translation"): Ulquiorra can fire Cero from his fingers with excessively destructive power. His Cero can be charged and fired relatively fast, and is green instead of red, which is the most common color of a Cero. The force of the blast can send an opponent hurtling long distances, effectively destroying any obstacle in its path at great range. He can fire it from either hand.

  • Gran Rey Cero (グラン・レイ・セロ, Spanish for "Grand King Zero", Japanese for "Royal Hollow Flash"): A variation of the Cero technique used by the Espada. By mixing their own blood with a Cero, an Espada can fire a Cero with much greater attack power and speed, in addition to having a change of color unique to them. It is many times more powerful than a normal Cero.


Bala: (バラ, Spanish for "Bullet", Japanese for "Hollow Bullet"): This technique hardens the user's spiritual pressure and fires it like a bullet from their fist. Ulquiorra's Bala is red, and is powerful enough to blast a huge hole into two unseated Shinigami.

Enhanced Hierro: The hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. Ulquiorra's skin is highly durable, even by Arrancar standards. He can deflect attacks of similar power barehanded. He can defeat Ichigo with his Bankai and Hollow mask on without unsheathing his sword, rendering Ichigo defenseless with two attacks and not sustaining injuries of any kind. The best example of his Hierro's might is him taking a direct slash from Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu with only a minor cut on his chest, while his fellow Espada Yammy Llargo lost an arm from the same opponent.

Enhanced Pesquisa: The Arrancar ability to sense spiritual energy. While any Arrancar can learn it, Ulquiorra possesses impressive skill with it. From a single glance at his opponent, Ulquiorra can immediately determine how powerful his opponent is. He can comprehend the flow and concentration of the person's energy, instantly noticing Ichigo's energy was fluctuating due to his inner Hollow.

Immense Spiritual Power: His spiritual power is immensely high. As the fourth Espada, he is forbidden from releasing his Zanpakutō within Las Noches, as such a release could destroy the fortress. During his first visit to Karakura Town, he compared his spiritual power to that of Ichigo Kurosaki, a Shinigami with exceedingly high spiritual energy, and states Ichigo's energy at its peak is higher than his own, but fluctuates.

Descorrer (解空 (デスコレール), Desukorēru; Spanish for "Drawing Back/Opening", Japanese for "Loosed Void"): A technique used by Espada-level Arrancar, and sometimes others, to open a Garganta between the Human World and Hueco Mundo.

  • Garganta Broadcast: Ulquiorra can create a visual broadcast, similar to a television screen, using individual Garganta portals. He uses this technique to show the current predicament of Orihime's friends (Ichigo, Tōshirō Hitsugaya, and Rangiku Matsumoto) fighting their respective battles.

Solita Vista (共眼界 (ソリタ・ヴィスタ), Sorita Visuta; Spanish for "Accustomed View", Japanese for "All-Eyes World"): This ability allows Ulquiorra to replay events he has seen to others by removing and crushing an eye, which turns into dust and flows around those he intends to use it on. The dust relays his sight and feelings.


Caja Negación

Caja Negación (反膜の匪 (カハ・ネガシオン), kaha negashion; Spanish for "Negation Box", Japanese for "Anti-Membrane of Negation"): An item given to the Espada by Sōsuke Aizen. Caja Negación is a special cube-shaped device that is intended to simulate the effects of Negación fields on the target. When used, the cube isolates and traps the subject in a separate, alternate dimension from which an Arrancar of average strength cannot escape. A Caja Negación is utilized by an Espada in order to punish their Fracción if they deem that the situation requires it. The device was not intended to be used on other Espada and as they are much stronger than the average Arrancar, an Espada would be able to escape from the alternate dimension within a certain amount of time.

Zanpakutō and Resurrección

Ulquiorra Zanpaktou


Murciélago (黒翼大魔 (ムルシエラゴ), Murushierago; Spanish for "Bat", Japanese for "Black-Winged Great Demon"): Ulquiorra's Zanpakutō is a standard sized katana with a green handle and sheath. The guard has two curved extensions from its long sides with a line going through both sides, giving it an eye-like appearance.


Ulquiorra's Resurrección

Resurrección: Its release command is "Enclose" (鎖せ, tozase). Murciélago unleashes a black and green burst of spiritual energy, which falls around Ulquiorra as green rain. In his released state, Ulquiorra becomes bat-like in appearance. While in this form, large, black bat wings form on his back, his hair grows longer and wilder, and the remains of his Hollow mask centers atop his head, with two large horns extending outward to the sides towards the front. The lines on his face become black, broader, and more triangular, and his fingernails lengthen. His Arrancar attire becomes more form fitting and closed at the top, becoming more like a robe towards the bottom. In this form, he can use his wings for flight.

Resurrección Special Ability: He gains even greater physical abilities in this form. Ulquiorra has the unique ability to enter a second released form called Resurrección: Segunda Etapa.

  • Luz de la Luna (ルス・デ・ラ・ルナ, Rusu de ra Runa; Spanish for "Light of the Moon"): He can generate green energy javelins. He can use them as ranged weapons, throwing them at an opponent, and as a melee weapon. It can be used in his Segunda Etapa form.
  • Enhanced Hierro: His Hierro has vastly increased in strength, to the point where a Getsuga Tenshō with Ichigo's mask activated has no effect at all.
  • Enhanced Spiritual Power: Though already possessing immense spiritual power, in his Resurrección, his black and green spiritual energy permeates the area. It is intense enough to create a profound effect on others and coalesce into green rain which falls in the surrounding area when he releases.
  • Cero Oscuras (黒虚閃 (セロ・オスキュラス), sero osukyurasu; Spanish for "Dark Zero", Japanese for "Black Hollow Flash"): It is a black Cero with a green outline, which Ulquiorra states to be similar to Ichigo's black Getsuga Tenshō. Ulquiorra's Cero Oscuras is powerful enough to blast Ichigo's mask away and destroy a large part of the city-sized Las Noches' dome. Ulquiorra refers to it as "our Cero". It can be used in his Segunda Etapa form.
Ulquiorra Segunda Etapa

Ulquiorra's Resurrección: Segunda Etapa

Resurrección: Segunda Etapa (刀剣解放第二階層 (レスレクシオン・セグンダ・エターパ), resurekushion segunda etāpa; Spanish for "Resurrection: Second Stage", Japanese for "Sword's Release: Second Level") Upon his transformation, Ulquiorra states he is the only Arrancar among the Espada who can reach a second Resurrección form, and even Aizen has not seen him in this form. Ulquiorra refers to his second state as "True Despair", both before and after its release, because the immensely dense spiritual pressure it releases instills despair upon those around him. While he retains his black wings (which he can use defensively and offensively), his long white coat is gone, revealing his slender white torso, with his bare chest patterned so his Hollow hole (which has become larger) appears to be dripping black, blood-like liquid. His waist becomes covered in something similar to black fur, which covers his arms and legs. His fingers grow claw-like extensions, and his feet resemble talons. The irises of his eyes turn yellow, and the sclera become green. The tear-like marks under his eyes increase in size and turn black. Ulquiorra's mask is completely gone. He has two large bat ears, and the #4 Espada tattoo is no longer visible on his chest.



  • Latigo (ラティーゴ, Ratīgo; Spanish for "Whip"): He can use his very long, thin, and powerful tail as a whip or to lift, strike, and strangle a victim.
  • Overwhelming Reiatsu: Ulquiorra's already immense spiritual power significantly changes its Reiatsu's nature upon entering his second stage. Even being within the vicinity of his release instills despair on those who can sense it. Uryū Ishida, a Quincy who is an expert at sensing Reiatsu, noted that the density of Ulquiorra's spiritual power was so vast it could hardly be identified as Reiatsu.
Ulquiorra Regeneration

Ulquiorra using High-Speed Regeneration

  • High-Speed Regeneration: Despite having great speed, durability, and attack power, Ulquiorra's greatest strength lies in his regenerative power. This power allows him to regenerate his eye after using his Solita Vista ability. During his battle against Ichigo's new Hollow form, he is even able regenerate his arm after having it torn off. Ulquiorra states it is his greatest power, one which most Arrancar give up in return for greater strength. He explains he can quickly regenerate any part of his body except for his brain and internal organs.

Lanza del Relámpago

  • Lanza del Relámpago (雷霆の槍 (ランサ・デル・レランパーゴ), ransa deru reranpāgo; Spanish for "Lance of the Lightning", Japanese for "Lance of Thunder and Lightning"): Ulquiorra creates a javelin-like weapon using his spiritual power. It is quite like his original energy javelins, with the only, if quite noticeable, difference being the energy flowing off of each end in a fashion similar to flames, making it look more arrow-shaped. He can use this weapon as a projectile or as a melee weapon. When thrown, it produces an incredibly destructive explosion on impact, which dwarfs the fortress of Las Noches in height. Ulquiorra prefers to not use the attack at close range, most likely because the resulting blast would damage himself as well as Las Noches. While he can use these spears in rapid succession, he has difficulty controlling their trajectory. Ulquiorra can use this attack as a blade, and he can use it to either disintegrate material upon impact, striking away his own amputated arm Hollow Ichigo had just thrown at him, or to cut, severing one of Hollow Ichigo horns to prevent him from using a Cero.

Key: Base | Resurrección | Resurrección: Segunda Etapa


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