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The United Nations Space Command (UNSC) is a military agency and a part of the Unified Earth Government which will act during the times of emergencies. It was formed in the 22nd Century when parts of cultural ideologies clashed in the Solar System. It acted mainly as a supervisor in spacetime operations.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies, ranges from 9-C to 6-C, High 6-A with NOVA Bomb | Varies from 9-C to at least 6-C, High 6-A with NOVA Bomb

Name: United Nations Space Command

Origin: Halo

Gender: Male and Female

Age: At least over three or four centuries.

Classification: Human Space Faction and agency

Powers and Abilities: Spatial Manipulation via Slipspace Travel, Gravity Manipulation, Advanced Technologies (Created Mjolnir armor series, and even Gauss weaponry), FTL travel

Attack Potency: Varies. Ranges from Street level (Lower-calibre guns such as the SMG) to Island level (Using Super Macs), Multi-Continent level with NOVA Bomb (A detonation of this weapon obliterated a group of Covenant ships, scorched a quarter of an entire planet, and bursted a nearby, small moon into countless fragments. The resulting explosion also created 300 kph winds and colossal tidal waves, obliterating entire cities across the planet) | Varies from Street level to at least Island level (Should be superior to the UNSC during their war with the Covenant), Multi-Continent level with NOVA Bomb

Speed: Athletic Human (For Marines) to Peak Human to Superhuman (For Spartans and ODST), Unknown realspace speeds for their ships, at least Massively FTL via Slipspace Travel (2-3 lightyears per day), likely higher | Massively FTL+ Slipspace Travel speeds (Significantly superior to before)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, at least Class 10 for Spartans with armor | Unknown, at least Class 10 for Spartans with armor, likely higher

Striking Strength: Unknown, at least Street Class (for Spartans) with armor MC killed a elite with one punch in armor. One Spartan killed a hunter by tearing its worms off its body | Unknown, at least Street Class (for Spartan) with armor, likely higher.

Durability: Varies from Human level to at least Small City level. Higher with shielding.

Stamina: Athletic Human level (Marines are trained human soldiers). Higher for Spartans and ODST

Range: Dozens (M7 SMG) to hundreds of meters (With guns such as the M6C Magnum, MA5 series of assault rifles, BR-55 has nearly km range, up to several km (The sniper rifles have a very long range, the SRS-99D-2 Series 2 of which has a 2.3km range), much farther with Magnetic Accelerator Cannons and other spaceship weaponry, Interstellar via Slipspace Travel

Standard Equipment: Gauss Technology, Bullet-based weaponry, Slipspace Tech (Inferior to Covenant Slipspace tech at first), and Energy Shielding

Intelligence: Extremely High (Managed to reverse engineer Covenant technology, primarily the energy shield, and recover Forerunner technology found on Trevelyan, the UNSC Infinity created after the war is only one example of incorporating reverse engineered Covenant and Forerunner technology into UNSC designs, created powered exoskeletion which culminated in the Mjnolr armor series, and more)

Weaknesses: Body armor are weak to Plasma Weaponry. The risks and dangers of using slipspace travel is the symptoms ranging from nausea, heart failure, or even death. Normal human weaknesses for the soldiers and Spartans (albeit it is harder to take down a Spartan than a normal human without powered armor).


Notable Individuals:

Key: Human-Covenant War | Post-War



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