There is a cancer eating at the Imperium. With each decade it advances deeper, leaving drained, dead worlds in its wake. This horror, this abomination, has thought and purpose which functions on an unimaginable, galactic scale and all we can do is try to stop the swarms of bio-engineered monsters it unleashes upon us by instinct. We have given the horror a name to salve our fears; we call it the Tyranid race, but if it is aware of us at all it must know us only as Prey.
~ Inquisitor Czevak


The Tyranids, also known as The Great Devourer, are an extragalactic alien race, that seeks only to consume all organic life. They cannot be reasoned with or deterred in this quest. Worse still for the Galaxy, the Tyranid Hive Fleets that have been encountered thus far are merely the furthest stretched tendril of the main invasion fleet.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C | 9-C, 9-B to 9-A | At least High 8-C physically, likely higher. Up to High 6-C with heavy weapons. | 9-A to High 6-C | Up to High 6-C | Unknown | High 6-C | High 6-C | At least High 6-C | At least High 6-C, likely higher. | Likely Low 5-B

Name: Tyranids

Origin: Warhammer 40,000

Gender: Inapplicable

Age: Unknown

Classification: Alien lifeforms, psychic hive mind

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Telepathy, Biological Adaptation, Regeneration, some Tyranids possess Psychic Powers (Mind Manipulation and Control, Forcefield Creation, Shadow in the Warp - greatly decreases the capabilities of enemy psykers by cutting their connection to the warp - Synaptic Fields), Flight (Only some organisms), Immunity to direct Mind Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (All Tyranids share the collective mind and Warp presence that is the Hive Mind, which manifests on a higher plane), Various others depending on the organism

Attack Potency: Street level (Despite their small size, even a lone ripper is capable of pulling down and tearing a human to pieces) | Street level physically for Termagants and Gargoyles (Comparable to athletic, highly trained soldiers). Wall level to Small Building level with weapons / for Hormagaunts (Capable of easily tearing athletic humans to shreds and ripping through fortifications). | At least Large Building level physically, likely higher (Physically superior to Space Marines). Up to Large Island level+ with heavy weapons (Venom Cannons are capable of piercing tank armor). | At least Small Building level with spore mines, likely higher. Continent level+ with Bio-plasmic cannons. | Unknown, though their poison ignores conventional durability (The composition of their poison rapidly breaks down other organisms into an easily digested slurry of biomass) | Up to Large Island level+ (Capable of easily destroying heavy tanks with their psychic powers. Multiple Zoanthropes were able to defeat a Greater Daemon of Nurgle, but the exact number present is unknown, and it was implied to be a very large amount). | Large Island level (Hive Guards can shoot through tanks and Tyrant Guards can tear them open) | Large Island level+ (Can destroy bunkers made to survive lascannon and plasma shots and can tear things like Dreadnoughts to pieces with ease. Tyrannofexes can shoot clean through Land Raiders and Monoliths) | At least Large Island level+ (At least comparable to Carnifexes. As each Tyrant is a unique individual, they likely grow stronger with each incarnation). Can ignore durability with psychic powers and by severing molecular bonds with Boneswords. | At least Large Island level+, likely higher. (Hierophants are far superior to most other Tyranid organisms and comparable to other Titans). | Likely Small Planet level (Far superior to other Bio-Titans and Hive Tyrants. A Dominatrice's link to the Hive Mind surpasses that of a Hive Tyrant, and it is significantly larger than Super Heavy Tanks), can ignore durability with psychic powers.

Speed: Unknown | Subsonic movement speed. Unknown, but higher reactions / combat speed. (Much faster than athletic humans) | Subsonic movement speed. Hypersonic+ reactions / combat speed. Probably higher. (Faster than Space Marines) | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown for Hive Guards. Likely Hypersonic+ reactions / combat speed for Tyrant Guard. | Subsonic movement speed. Likely Hypersonic+ reactions / combat speed. | Subsonic movement speed. At least Hypersonic+ reactions / combat speed. Probably up to FTL (far superior to other Tyranids and even veteran Marines, who can act in under a nanosecond). | Unknown | Unknown

Durability: Street level | Wall level | At least Large Building level. Probably higher. | Small Building level for Biovores. Large Island level+ for Exocrines. | At least Small Building level | Unknown physically. Continent level with Warp Field. | At least Large Building level for Hive Guards. At least Large Island level+ for Tyrant Guards (Regularly take blows meant to kill Hive Tyrants). | Large Island level+ (Can easily take multiple hits from heavy weapons and keep on going) | At least Large Island level+ | At least Large Island level+, likely higher. | Likely Small Planet level

Stamina: Usually very high.

Range: Extended melee range to many meters with ranged weapons. Hundreds of meters with synapse fields, and interstellar with the Shadow of the Warp.

Standard Equipment: Varies wildly between individuals and different organisms.

Intelligence: Ranges from mindless and animalistic to extremely intelligent and brilliant tacticians. Due to their link to the Hive Mind, synapse creatures can call upon its immense bank of strategic knowledge and direct other organisms.

Weaknesses: Lesser Tyranid organisms are dependent on the strategic guidance of the Hive Mind and Synapse Creatures; without them, their order falls apart and they revert to savage, animalistic behaviors, and may even fight amongst themselves.

Notable Attacks / Techniques:

The Shadow of the Warp: The presence of the Hive Mind radiates from a Tyranid swarm's synapse creatures, forming a shadow in the warp that blots out the powers of enemy psykers, making communication with those outside of the shadow near impossible.

Powers of the Hive Mind:

  • Catalyst: The psyker invigorates nearby Tyranid organisms, allowing them to ignore the sensation of pain.
  • The Horror: The psyker floods the target with the psychic presence of the Hive Mind, overwhelming lesser minds and shattering their resolves.
  • Onslaught: The psyker takes control of other Tyranid organisms, guiding their fire and driving them forwards.
  • Paroxysm: The psyker taps into its link to the Hive Mind to trigger every one of the target's nerves, overwhelming them with an unbearable, all-encompassing sense of pain.
  • Psychic Scream: The Hive Mind unleashes a barrage of psychic energy through the psyker with a shriek, shredding the minds of those caught in its wake.
  • Warp Blast: The psyker taps into the power of the Hive Mind and unleashes a burst of pure Warp energy from its cranium, either in the form of a massive, long-range blast, or a short-range lance of pure power.

Warlord Traits: Tyranid leader organisms, such as Hive Tyrants and Dominatrices, can have the following traits:

  • Adaptive Biology: After exposure to the enemy's weapons, this organism develops a resistance against them.
  • Digestive Denial: The Tyranid organism can cause pools of digestive acid to grow in its surroundings.
  • Mind Eater: The Tyranid organism consumes the minds of enemy leaders, adding their knowledge to that of the Hive Mind.
  • Nature's Bane: The Tyranid organism is constantly swarmed by microscopic organisms that invade local flora and turn them into flesh-eating monsters.

Key: Ripper Organisms | Gaunts | Warrior Organisms (Warriors, Lictors, Raveners) | Artillery Organisms (Biovores, Exocrines) | Venomthropes | Zoanthropes | Guard Organisms | Monstrous Creatures (Carnifexes, Trygons, Tyrannofexes, etc.) | Hive Tyrants | Hierophants | Dominatrices

Tyranid Organisms

Ripper swarm

Tyranid Parasite of Mortrex



Tyranid Gargoyles



Tyranid Red Terror


Tyranid Deathleaper


Tyranid Tyrant Guard

Tyranid Biovore

Tyranid exocrine

Tyranid Tyrannofex

Tyranid Haruspex


Tyranid Old One Eye

Tyranid Trygon

Tyranid Mawloc

Tyranid Hierodule

Tyranid Tervigon

Tyranid Hive crone

Tyranid Harpy

Tyranid venomthrope


Tyranid Doom of Malan'tai

Hive tyrant

Tyranid Hierophant

Tyranid Dominatrix

As I looked into its dead black eyes, I saw the terrible sentience it had in place of a soul. Behind that was the steel will of its leader. Further still, I could feel its primogenitor coldly assessing me from the void. And looking back from the deepest recesses of the alien’s mind, I perceived what I can describe only as an immortal hunger.
~ Varro Tigurius

Ripper Organisms: The most numerous of the Tyranid organisms released onto the surface of a planet. Although extremely small, Rippers are capable of overwhelming and tearing most humans to shreds with ease, and in great numbers, swarm and devour much larger prey alive. Ripper Swarms follow in the advance of the main Tyranid advance, devouring the dead and dying. Following the consumption of the planet's defenders, the Rippers that remain throw their own engorged bodies into the digestion pools to be broken down and used to fuel the creation of more complex creatures. Over time, Rippers will scour a prey world of every scrap of biomass and every drop of moisture, making them deceivingly dangerous.

  • Sky-Slashers: A strain of Rippers that has mutated to possess completely usable wings. Most often used on planets with minimal land mass, and virtually as common as their land-based relatives.
  • The Parasite of Mortrex: An infamous Tyranid organism that injected swarms of Rippers into the bloodstreams of its opponents, leaving them to be devoured from the inside out inside their own encampments. Despite the horrifying efficiency of this organism in combat, it was only ever seen once - and that planet disappeared underneath the swarms of Rippers it released.

Gaunts: Among the most numerous of all Tyranid organisms, gaunts are simple bioforms created and released by the Hive Fleet in the billions.

  • Termagants: Although small, Termagants are agile, cunning, and efficient, using their great numbers to overwhelm opponents, often by bogging them down with a ridiculous amount of bio-weaponry. Termagants are ultimately expendable, and are often used as either meat shields or just to deplete ammunition and wear down defenders.
  • Hormagaunts: Hormagaunts are vicious, swift, and brutal organisms that swarm opponents in the millions, tearing anything that gets too close to shreds, while ignoring all pain and obstacles between them and their quarry. They are mostly left to their own devices during an invasion - their hunting instincts are enough to drive them, for the most part.
  • Gargoyles: A stain of Termagants with wings and blinding venom. Very much the same as their ground-based cousins, and just as dangerous, even in close ranges, due to their razor-sharp claws and barbed tails.

Genestealers: The first Tyranid organisms encountered by Mankind, and the most infamous.

Tyranid Warriors: The Warrior is the most adaptable of all Tyranid organisms. Standing at twice the height of a human and possessing significantly greater strength, Tyranid Warriors can use all kinds of bio-weaponry, at all kinds of ranges. As the most common of all synapse creatures, Warriors are used primarily to spread the influence of the Hive Mind and direct other Tyranids within combat. Due to this connection to the Hive Mind, each Tyranid Warrior is an expert strategist and combatant, capable of accessing the near-endless tactical knowledge of the Hive Mind whenever they wish.

  • Tyranid Shrikes: Although less durable than normal Warriors, Tyranid Shrikes instead possess powerful wings. This allows them to traverse the battlefield quickly to fill gaps in the synpatic web and attacking the foe wherever they are their most vulnerable.
  • Tyranid Primes: The apex of the Warrior strain - faster, stronger, and smarter than all other Warriors. They spread their superior intelligence and skill to the Warriors they lead into battle.

Raveners: Voracious burrowing organisms comparable in body structure to Warriors, Raveners are even faster than their more adaptable cousins. They use their speed and strength to burrow long distances beneath a world's surface, before bursting out of the ground behind enemy lines and devouring their unsuspecting opponents.

  • The Red Terror: An immense Ravener of peerless strength, large enough to swallow even Space Marines whole. For twenty days, it preyed upon a mining world, and left nearly no survivors behind.

Lictors: Lictors are Tyranid assassins, sent out ahead of the main swarm to scout out opponents and pockets of resistance. They are well-versed in the arts of stealth and can change the color and texture of their carapace to blend into their surroundings. Lictors are opportunistic hunters that will instinctively divide and slaughter opponents one by one, lobotomizing them and devouring their brain to absorb its memories and add another mind's knowledge to the unfathomable Hive Mind. In addition, a Lictor leaves a long, long pheromone trail that attracts other Tyranids to its position - the larger the concentration of prey, the more irresistible the lure.

  • Deathleaper: The apex of all Lictors, the Deathleaper is an assassin so savvy and intelligent that it has been compared to daemons.

Hive Guards: Hive Guards are large, intelligent Tyranid organisms gifted with powerful bio-weapons capable of impaling battle tanks. They are primarily used to protect objectives, and they possess a telepathy that links them to the senses of other Tyranid organisms - with this, a Hive Guard is a brutally efficient sniper, made only more lethal by the control it has over its projectiles - there is virtually no escape from a Hive Guard's detection, and once it has shot, it is virtually guaranteed to land its lethal payload.

Tyrant Guards: Tyrant Guards are the ultimate bodyguards, made to protect Hive Tyrants from all harm that would befall them. They have virtually no capacity for pain and are extremely difficult to harm - it takes several salvos of even the heaviest weaponry to kill them, which is often necessary given their aggressive and stubborn natures. Should their charge die, Tyrant Guards fly into a blind, instinctual rage, hunting down and slaughtering whatever killed the Tyrant to prevent the knowledge of how from escaping the battle.

Biovores: A clumsy Tyranid organism descended from re-purposed Ork DNA, Biovores nurture spore mines - living, acidic, explosive floating bombs - which they fire from a powerful bio-cannon. Spore mines possess limited intelligence, and explode as soon as they sense a non-Tyranid organism nearby, drenching them in acids and poisons and tearing them apart with sharp bits of chitin.

Exocrines: The massive Exocrine is a living artillery piece, little more than a glorified means of transportation for the living, intelligent cannon fused into its flesh. Whilst the Exocrine possesses considerable strength, the cannon does most of the thinking and dominates its partner's mind to subject it to its plans. The bio-plasmic energy fired by its cannon scours its prey down into atoms, leaving virtually nothing behind.

Tyrannofexes: Tyrannofexes are massive Tyranid organisms built for long-distance combat and clad in layer after layer of thick, chitinous armor, making it as durable as any heavy-battle tank. Its many armaments give it a power unmatched by nearly any Tyranid organism, save for bio-titans - their weapons range from powerful corrosive acids to bio-cannons that can punch holes clean through Land Raiders and similar vehicles.

Haruspexes: Massive, horrific Tyranid beasts made for a single, terrifying goal - devour everything nearby, alive or dead. Haruspexes accomplish this by dragging prey into their massive mouths with barbed grasping tentacles - anything that is too large to fit is torn to pieces, and then devoured bit by bit. A Haruspex can single-handedly devour a platoon of soldiers within moments, shoving one after another into its cavernous maw and eating them alive.

Carnifexes: Living engines of destruction, nearly as infamous as Genestealers. Carnifexes are massive, living battering rams created to break through any defense and destroy any opposition with their massive, crushing talons. One strain of Carnifex in particular is renowned - the Screamer-Killer, feared for the massive amounts of bio-plasma that it spat out at its foes, incinerating prey. Carnifexes are produced and fielded in great numbers, and are quite adaptable, being capable of utilizing the most ponderous of bioweapons - melee or ranged. Though slow, once a Carnifex builds up momentum, it is nearly unstoppable, plowing through fortress walls and super-heavy battle tanks to devour whatever remains on the inside.

  • Old One Eye: Though many Carnifexes possess regenerative powers, none are as great as Old One Eye. This Carnifex has survived countless 'deaths', regenerating from having its brain destroyed and later returning from plummeting to its supposed death.

Trygons: A vast, serpentine Tyranid organism, larger even than the Carnifex. Trygons burrow deep within the surface of a planet, digging through even the sturdiest of materials to burst through under its prey once it detects it from deep below. Once it emerges, even the most powerful of weapons are often insufficient, and it can easily tear through super-heavy battle tanks and fortress walls. In addition, it generates vast amounts of bio-electricity as it moves, and can discharge it with a quick burst that leaves its prey as little more than a charred pile of broken bones. The tunnels left by a burrowing Trygon are used by other Tyranid organisms to appear behind enemy lines without notice.

  • Mawlocs: A smaller strain of Trygon, specialized towards eating things alive, digesting them over the course of many, many agonizing days. Mawlocs are mostly blind, instead analyzing their surroundings through pressure-sensitive organs and their sharp hearing.
  • Trygon Primes: An even larger Trygon linked to the Hive Mind, and possessing far superior bio-electric abilities than normal strains of Trygons.

Hierodules: A large Tyranid organism, significantly larger than even a Carnifex, about the size of a super heavy battle tank. The Hierodule comes in two strains:

  • Scythed Hierodules: A strain of Hierodule, equipped with two massive pairs of scything talons capable of tearing through battle tanks and breaking down bunkers with little difficulty. In addition to its claws, a Scythed Hierodule possesses a symbiotic organism burrowed into its armor. This organism produces and discharges large amounts of dangerous acid, capable of eating through tank armor and melting organics.
  • Barbed Hierodules: This strain of Hierodule, as opposed to possessing a secondary pair of scything talons and its toxic organism has two powerful Barbed Strangler bio-cannons, and much thicker chitin, making it much harder to kill than its melee-oriented counterpart.

Tervigons: Tervigons are massive, bloated synapse creatures of incredible, ponderous strength, and psychic powers. However, the greatest threat within any Tervigon is not within its great power - it is within the great quantities of Termagants it births at a constant rate. These Termagants are energized by the presence of their parent, and the Tervigon itself is nearly impervious to harm thanks to its thick, durable shell. However, the synaptic backlash caused by a Tervigon's death often kills any Termagants too close.

Hive Crones: A flying Tyranid organism possessing a large cannon within its mouth. This cannon fires globs of digestive enzymes over prey, turning them into an easily devoured slurry of biomass. They also possess powerful living missiles that home in on their targets with unerring accuracy, releasing a powerful bio-electrical pulse that cripples electronics and stalls engines. Hive Crones are even dangerous in close quarters, tearing prey apart with their scything talons. They are often used in orbital battles, where they tear into the hulls of enemy spacecraft.

Harpies: A massive bioform that flies with grace and speed far surpassing that of any fighter craft. Harpies carry clusters of Spore Mines into battle, and can deafen their opponents with an echoing sonic screech - the more developed the hearing of its prey, the worse the effect. Harpies prefer to attack vehicles, tearing into them with their talons or blowing them to bits with their cannons from a distance, using their great speed and agility to their advantage.

Venomthropes: Large, gangly Tyranids that flood their surroundings with a mist of toxic gas that shields their allies from gunfire and turns any non-Tyranid organisms that do as much as come in contact with it into a bubbling pile of biomass. Venomthropes drip with this toxin, using their tentacles to strangle opponents and lather them with lethal venoms, making quick work of whatever foolish organism got too close.

Zoanthropes: The foremost psychic minds of the Tyranids, Zoanthropes are small, levitating creatures with massively enlarged brains and heads. They use their powerful link to the Hive Mind to disintegrate the flesh of organic opponents and the metal of vehicles. Zoanthropes are synapse creatures, spreading the influence of the Hive Mind to the other organisms of the Hive Fleet, and to protect them in this task, they possess a powerful Warp Shield capable of deflecting small arms fire and heavy weapons with equal ease.

  • The Doom of Malan'tai: A single, terrifying Zoanthrope that single-handedly brought down the Eldar Craftworld of Malan'tai. It fed on the souls of the Eldar, growing unstoppable with all the psychic energy it has accumulated, and by the time the Eldar realized what was happening, Malan'tai was a barren, empty shell, and its Doom had vanished.

Hive Tyrants: The commanders of the Tyranid swarms, and among the only Tyranid organisms to possess any grain of individuality. While other Tyranid organisms live and die by the billions each day, a Hive Tyrant learns and evolves with each battle, honing its strategic knowledge with every passing moment. Like other synpase creatures, a Hive Tyrant is highly psychic - indeed, the domination it exerts over a swarm is virtually unmatched by another synapse creature. Hive Tyrants were created to overpower and out-think any imaginable foe. And though a Hive Tyrant may die, it will always return thanks to the inexorable will of the Hive Mind, stronger and smarter than ever.

  • The Swarmlord: The peak of all Hive Tyrants; the ultimate Tyranid organism.

Hierophants: Hierophants are immense bio-titans comparable to an Imperial titan in terms of size and power. Bristling with a wide variety of lethal bio-weaponry, they use their massive size and dangerous weapons to obliterate defenses and vehicles. As a last resort, Hierophants are equipped with toxic sacs that will release dangerous bursts of poisonous gas capable of killing any threat that gets too close.

Dominatrices: An extremely rare bioform, only seen in the most advanced Tyranid swarms. The psychic grip of a Dominatrix is superior to even a Hive Tyrant - indeed, a Dominatrix is comparable in intelligence, and the bond it has to the Hive Mind surpasses even that of a Hive Tyrant's. Inside a Dominatrix rests a Norn Queen - the Tyranid organism responsible for the birth and creation of all other Tyranids. The Norn Queen births a constant army of vicious newborn Tyranids - ranging from the smallest gaunts to the largest Carnifexes.


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