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The Hero of Tower of God, Baam is unusual in the tower in that he opened the door himself, thus making him an Irregular, who are universally feared throughout the tower as being ultra powerful monsters who almost always bring great calamity within the tower. He is also considered unusual and borderline crazy because he values his friends over his own desire to climb the tower, and is thus quickly deemed dangerous. After the timeskip, he reappears in front of Ja Wangnan, and sort of teams up with him. He had joined part of the criminal organization FUG and has adopted the family name of Grace, leader of FUG. During the Workshop Battle, he managed to escape their grip with the help of his friends and has returned to his original name and appearance at the start of the series

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown | Low 7-C | At least Low 7-C likely higher with Thorn | At least Low 7-C likely higher with Thorn | At least 7-C | At least 7-C likely far higher | High 7-C | At least High 7-C | Low 7-B

Name: Currently 25th Baam or just Baam; formerly used the alias Jyu Viole Grace

Origin: Tower of God

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human (?), Irregular, FUG Operative, Slayer Candidate, Wave Controller

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Skilled Swordsman, Extrasensory Perception, Energy Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Statistics Amplification (Can enhance his strikes through Shinsoo), Molecular Immobilization via Matter Manipulation (Shinsoo moves and acts in a similar way to electrons and replaces air in the Tower and Baam can reverse it's flow to stop movement), Power Mimicry (Has copied Energy ManipulationExplosion Manipulation and Molecular Immobilization), Immortality (Type 1), Regeneration (Mid-Low), Telekinesis | All previous powers and abilities on a heightened scale, Can Nullify Immortality and Regeneration with the Thorn | All previous abilities on a heightened scale, Limited Soul Manipulation (Has absorbed multiple souls of those killed by Hoaqin), Resistance to Soul Manipulation (Has multiple souls), Energy Nullification via Absorption (Dissipated Karaka's attack), Homing Attack with Necromancer | All previous abilities on a heightened scale, Matter Manipulation via Shinsoo Orb (Can vaporize matter on contact), Size Manipulation (Compressed an entire building as a shield)

Attack Potency: Unknown | Small Town level+ (Fought and defeated Koon Ran and Novick, the latter of which could tank this) | At least Small Town level+ (More powerful than before to an unknown degree) likely higher with Thorn | At least Small Town level+ likely higher with Thorn | At least Town level (Fought against Hoaqin) | At least Town level likely far higher (Defeated a 3 Soul Merged Hoaqin) | Large Town level (His attack shook the city sized Name Hunt Station which would result in a Magnitude 7 earthquake) | Large Town level (Same as before) | Small City level (Contributed to this level of destruction)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic (He is far superior to Anak and Koon.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown | Small Town Class+ (Uses the same power source to physically enhance his blows) | Small Town Class+ likely higher with Thorn | At least Small Town Class+ likely higher with Thorn | At least Town Class | At least Town Class likely far higher | Large Town Class | Large Town Class | Small City Class

Durability: Unknown | Small Town level+ (Uses the same power source to physically enhance his body) | At least Small Town level+ likely higher with Thorn | At least Small Town level+ likely higher with Thorn | At least Town level | At least Large Town level likely far higher | Large Town level | Large Town level | Small City level

Stamina: Fairly large

Range: Several dozen meters, possibly higher | At least hundred meters

Standard Equipment: Enryu's Thorn

Intelligence: Skilled combatant; was able to determine a White Steel Eel's weakness within seconds after encountering it; very adept at controlling Shinsoo; was able to copy Love's moves upon witnessing them only once.

Weaknesses: Very weak and inexperienced for most of Season 1 | The Thorn uses up Viole's stamina at a fast rate (was unable to tap into its power for more than a few minutes at most)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Shinsoo Manipulation: The act of handling Shinsoo externally to change the surroundings or to attack the opponent is called Shinsoo manipulation. There are two ways to manipulate Shinsoo: using an item or manipulating it firsthand. For Baam, it's the latter.

  • Shinsoo Beams: Can control balls and beams of energy to attack the opponent.
  • Shinsoo Control and Amplified Shinsoo Beams: He seems to hold an excessive amount of Shinsoo, at least for the standards of E-Ranks, as he is always shown in battles to blast massive amounts of Shinsoo at opponents simultaneously. He is also able to create six baangs. Quaetro Blitz states that even the top 5 E-Ranked Regulars can probably only create 4 baangs at most. He almost exclusively creates baangs to use as Shinsoo Beams.
  • (Double-Handed) Shinsoo Punch: Viole has a new technique that involves him using Shinsoo to reinforce his normal punches to the point where one punch is able to crack the floor. He can extend the Shinsoo to strike from far away as well. He seldom uses it after its first appearance hinting that it may be one of his weaker techniques.
  • Shinsoo Bomb (Delayed): Uses Shinsoo to form a bomb that releases a beam of Shinsoo after a few seconds of creation.
  • Shinsoo Barrier: Can create a small Shinsoo barrier to block Shinsoo beams. Viole is also shown to be able to use flames to create a shield. He was also shown to use Lighthouses to enhance the power of his barrier.
  • Healing Exoskeleton: When Viole is wounded, a crimson lobster-like exoskeleton forms on the exterior of his body which heals his wounds.
  • Lighthouse Control: Even though it is not his primary position, Viole has shown he can communicate with and use lighthouses. In one instance, he manipulated three lighthouses to somewhat enhance the effects of Fast Skip to stop Novick and protect himself from Ran's attack. He has also used it to create an enhanced Shinsoo barrier to block attacks and to alter his voice when Koon arrives at the Hand of Arlen. It is shown that he can manipulate at least three lighthouses.
  • Yu Han Sung Style Shinsoo Control Technique: Straight-Line Long Pierce: Using a similar technique to Laure's "shinsoo control", Viole aligns 4 baangs and shoots them forming a spear to pierce through Phobos, stating that a normal attack wouldn't have worked.
  • Shinsoo Orb: Through concentrating the shinsoo into an object that most suits him, Baam can create an orb of shinsoo before him. The orb changes from a gray to red color upon activating the thorn. The orb can fire out blasts that vaporize matter on contact.
  • Shinsoo Ability Replication: Viole can copy Ranker-level abilities after they are used against him or if he's seen them use it only once. Such a feat proves how prodigal Viole is and how dangerous (if he already isn't) he can be in the future. Though Viole can copy Ranker techniques easily, it is noted that he lacks some of the power behind the attacks (relative to a Ranker). The following is a list of techniques copied from his battles and the person who copied it:

From Quant

  • Fast Skip: A technique he learned from Quant that allows him to temporarily paralyze an opponent's movement by freezing the shinsoo in the environment. Has mastered it to the point where he could paralyze his opponents' attacks as well as their movements with a word.

From Love

  • Wonsulsa: A special method of Shinsoo usage in which Love uses it in a circular motion to give it a greater amount of power whilst retaining its size and mass.
  • Blue Oar: Shinsoo is used to form a blue disk, which allows the rider to move at a very high speeds. The main usage is for a single transportation; the user moves quickly from point A to point B in a straight path because the technique cannot move in any other direction. Also, the technique sometimes causes destruction along its pathway. This is one of the more commonly used Wonsulsa techniques that Viole employs in his battles.
  • Slider: Shinsoo is used to boost one's movement for improved mobility and control (e.g. side-stepping or dodging) during a brief period of time; the main usage is for one to shift oneself into a better offensive position while the user is in a defensive stance: counterattack. This is not optimal for racing against someone, since the technique is not pure acceleration and only lasts for a short time.
  • Upshoot: Shinsoo is used to boost the user's uppercut punch in both power and speed. Usually, this punch is used after Blue Oar to maximize both power and speed.
  • Straight Ball: Shinsoo is used to boost the user's speed, so he can touch the enemy. This attack is followed up by Pitch Changeup.
  • Pitch Changeup: A powerful punch that exerts black/red Shinsoo upon connecting.

From Urek Mazino

  • Emperor's Scorching Fist of Death (Usurper's Inferno): Shinsoo is gathered entirely into the fist and released in a giant explosion. This is a very high risk technique as the user is left vulnerable. Though Urek is the one who (indirectly) taught Viole the technique, this technique is also First Emperor's signature technique. Viole never uses this technique because its name is embarrassing.

From Ha Jinsung

  • Floral Butterfly: Piercing Technique (화접공파술, or "Hwajeopgongpahsool"): An immensely powerful technique that allows one to transfer a shock of Shinsoo through vibrations from oneself to a targeted object. It is unknown to what extent he is capable of using this technique, though it is shown that just after learning the technique he was able to at least dent a stone golem with it. The effects of a simple touch are catastrophic. It seems that this particular style of fighting is a trait of the FUG Organization. Viole used this technique once in a Shinsoo strengthening test to gain a score of 134,000. Viole again used this technique against Urek Mazino, in which he had his fist clenched, unlike the strengthening test where he held a more relaxed pose so it is possible that Viole was not using the technique to its fullest extent before Urek. This is likely Viole's most devastating attack, dealing extreme damage to Beta with a single strike.

From Novick

  • Hayeol Style: Crimson Fist: Viole can manipulate fire-like tentacles to form a dome around him as a shield, sealing him away from reach. It can also blast people away from close range.

Enryu's Thorn: Floating over Viole's shoulder. When tapping into it's power, Viole gains an additional baang, a substantial increase in power, and the ability to forcibly control the shinsoo around him. However, the Thorn uses up his power at a fast rate. It is implied Viole has not yet fully awakened the Thorn's power.

Key: Season One | Return of the Prince Arc | Workshop Arc | Post-Workshop Battle | Hell Train Arc | Dallar Show Arc | Name Hunt Arc | Floor of Death Arc | Hidden Floor Arc



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