Tu-95MS Engels

A Tu-95MS at Engels Air Force Base


The Tupolev Tu-95 is a 4-engine turboprop strategic bomber and missile platform developed by Tupolev, with it being an upscaled version of the previous Tu-4, which is a reverse engineering of the B-29. The bomber is the first intercontinental bomber developed by the USSR, with it's closest US Counterpart being the B-52 Stratofortress. Much like the B-52, it has gone through various upgrades and maintenance, remaining in service to this day.

The Tu-95's NATO reporting name is "Bear."

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies. 9-B to 8-C conventionally, High 7-C to 7-B with nuclear armament

Name: Tu-95 "Bear"

Origin: The Real World

Classification: Strategic Bomber / Missile Platform

Height: 12.12 meters

Length: 46.2 meters

Weight: Empty weight 90,000 kilograms, loaded 171,000 kg, max loaded is 188 metric tons.

Pilot(s): 2

Needed Prerequisite for Use: Training, Crew of 6-7 (Pilot, Co-pilot, flight engineer, communication systems officer, 1 or 2 navigators, tail gunner)

In use by: Russian Air Force, formerly operated by Ukrainian and Soviet Air Forces

Powered by: 4 Kuznetsov NK-12M turboprops

Operational Timeframe: Dozens of hours, higher with mid-air refueling

Attack Potency: VariesWall level with rear mounted cannon, Small Building level (FAB-100 is at least 461 megajoules, but can only be carried in early variants) to Building level+ conventionally (Earlier variants can carry dumb bombs, with roughly half of each bomb's weight being comprised of high explosives. The Kh-22 can carry a 1000 kg RDX warhead, with a blast yield of 8.209 gigajoules). Large Town level (The Kh-20 has a variable yield of 0.3 to 3 megatons, with the nuclear armed versions of the Kh-55 possessing a yield of 200-250 kilotons) to City level with nuclear payload (A special variant of the Tu-95, the Tu-95V, is able to carry the most powerful nuclear weapon ever made, the "Tsar Bomba")

Range: Unfuelled combat radius of 6,400 km, 15,000 km without refueling, farther with refueling, hundreds to thousands of kilometers with cruise missiles

Speed: Subsonic+ flight speeds (Top speed is 830 kilometers per hour ), Subsonic+ to Supersonic+ with cruise missiles

Terrain: Air

Material: Mainly Aluminum

Durability: Small Building level (Is around this size)

Weaknesses: Large profile for fighters, otherwise none notable.

Weaponry (Tu-95MS):

  • 1 Radar controlled 23mm AM-23 autocannon in tail turret
  • Up to 15,000 kg (9,000 kg in earlier versions) of missiles