Tri-Core (Legitimacy Kingdom codename, real name unknown) was a 2nd Generation Object of unknown affiliation, specializing in naval battles and the drilling and transport of oil.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B with main cannons, 8-B with secondary weapons

Name: Tri-Core

Origin: Heavy Object

Classification: Intercontinental Invasion Weapon, 2nd Generation Object specialized in naval battles and the drilling and transport of oil

Powers and Abilities: Flight (Hovers above the water with an air cushion propulsion device and naval floats), Advanced Sensors, 3 railguns as main cannons, dozens of laser beams and coilguns as secondary weapons, oil drilling equipment, carries a complement of armed soldiers for security, resistance to heat, radiation, hacking and EMPs

Attack Potency: City level with main cannons, at least City Block level with secondary cannons (Comparable to other Objects)

Speed: Subsonic top speed (320km/h), likely Hypersonic+ reactions (Comparable to other Objects)

Durability: City level (Comparable to other Objects)

Stamina: Unknown, once fuel is put in the JPlevelMHD reactor it doesn't have to be swapped for 5 years, so the practical limit is on things like ammunition and the like.

Range: Over 10 km with main cannons, likely several kilometers with secondary cannons

Weaknesses: The Tri-Core is an exclusively naval Object. It's also at least three times heavier than a normal Object, restricting its speed. Its movements can be sealed by interfering with its shark anchors. It needs to have at least two of the three anchors working properly to regulate its center of gravity or it'll be destroyed by its own weight. After ten kilometers its main cannons can no longer achieve city level attack potency.