Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown. At least Low 1-C

Name: Transcendent Will

Origin: Freezing

Gender: Unknown

Age: Irrelevant (transcends conceptions of time)

Classification: Cosmic Entity, God

Powers and Abilities: Reality Warping, Non-Corporeal, Conceptual Manipulation, Cosmic Awareness, Immortality, Healing, Resurrection, Nigh Omnipresence, Nigh Omniscience, Acausality, Information Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Summoning, Mind Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Memory Manipulation

Attack Potency: Unknown. At least Low Complex Multiverse level (It is explicitly described as residing in a higher plane of existence with at least two additional dimensions and influences an infinite number of timelines at once)

Range: Unknown. At least Low Complex Multiverse level

Speed: Nigh-Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown. At least Low Complex Multiverse level

Stamina: Unlimited

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscient

Weaknesses: None notable


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