Tokimi Tenchi Muyo


Tokimi (訪希深, Tōkimi) is a character from the Tenchi Muyo! series. She is one of the three sister Goddesses known as the Choushin.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 1-A

Name: Tokimi

Origin: Tenchi Muyo!

Gender: Inapplicable. Appears as a female.

Age: Older than all of existence

Classification: Choushin

Powers and Abilities: Reality Manipulation, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Invulnerability, Regeneration, Immortality, Time Manipulation, Probability Manipulation, Nigh-Omniscience, Telepathy, Telekinesis, can generate Light Hawk Wings, Non-Corporeal, Higher-Dimensional Manipulation, etc.

Attack Potency: Outerverse level

Speed: Irrelevant

Lifting Strength: Irrelevant

Striking Strength: Outerversal

Durability: Outerverse level

Stamina: Limitless

Range: Outerversal

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Nigh-Omniscience

Weaknesses: None


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