The Thunderbird is a large, avian creature native to the arid Arizona climate in the United States. It is closely related to the phoenix. It is famous for its ability to create storms as it flies, making it a powerful and respected creature as well as the symbol of both the Mundane and Magical United States. An Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry house was named after this creature.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A physically, 8-A Environmental Destructive Capacity with thunderstorms

Name: The Thunderbird

Origin: Harry Potter

Gender: Varies

Age: Varies

Classification: Fantastic Beast / Magical Creature

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Limited Precognition (Is able to predict danger), Flight, Weather Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Water Manipulation, and Lightning Manipulation (Produces winds, rain and thunderstorms with its magic as it flies)

Attack Potency: Small Building level physically (An incredibly large and strong magical creature, comparable to a Hippogriff), Multi-City Block level Environmental Destructive Capacity with its thunderstorms (Quickly summoned clouds of heavy rain that covered numerous numerous blocks of New York, and produced numerous lightning bolts. Said storm eventually stretched over all of New York City)

Speed: Likely Subsonic Flight Speed (Causes winds and heavy storms with it's flight), Massively Hypersonic+ Attack Speed with Thunderbolts

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Small Building Class (Is able to support its own weight)

Durability: Likely Small Building level

Stamina: Quite High.

Range: Dozens of Kilometers (Covered all of New York City in its storm)

Standard Equipment: None Notable.

Intelligence: Hard to quantify. Though Thunderbirds are animals, and thus incapable of verbal communication, they are intelligent enough to comprehend human sentences and respond to them, as well as create and spread wide-reaching thunderstorms on a whim.

Weaknesses: None Notable


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