• Simple revision for Cirno which sould have probably been added a while ago her spell card Minus K which stands for Minus Kelvin

    or Negative Kelvin

    comes from the offical touhou game Shoot the bullet

    as discribed  by Marisa in GoM

    使用者 チルノ 

    User Cirno

    備考 湖の上で偶に

    Notes Occasionally seen above the lake

     温度 測定不能

    Temperature: Impossible to measure


    By suddenly chilling, differences in density inside bullets cause them to crack and explode forcefully in this spell card


    Making the biggest attack from the smallest danmaku—she's fairly good.


    However, until they explode, the density of the bullets is low, so one would almost never get hit if near the user. Well, she's only a fairy after all. If she were to think a bit more about the balance between shooting volume and density, I think it'd become stronger, but...


    Who'd she learn such calculation methods from?

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    • Adding spell card is fine, as long as you don't added that Cirno could somehow reverse the law of thermodynamic...She probably just heard that from Yukari, it sounded cool, and she made it into a spell card with something she thought would be just like it.

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