• It's as the title says. But before we go any deeper I just want to say this, by no means, is a downgrade in any way or even an attempt to downgrade the verse at all. This is just something I stumbled upon that I personally found interesting and wanted to post here to see what everyone else felt about it.

    Okay then. Now I myself don't use it but a friend of mine who goes on Twitter follows content and stuff about one of the writers who's heavily involved with the DBS anime and he saw someone on Twitter ask the writer some very "interesting" specific questions about the characters and gods (Zen'o included) and the writer responded. My friend then shared this with me and I believed it was something everyone else here should have the right to see and talk about. Anyway, this is what the writer replied:

    DBS Stuff

    And here as well:

    DBS Stuff (2)

    Again, this is not an attempt to Downgrade at all. Whatever happens to the verse based on this getting considered or ignored is not my concern so please do not take this the wrong way. This is just something I thought everyone here should see and get the chance to discuss about. Thank you.

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    • >Its another episode of people annoying authors across twitter.

      Anyway, I think is just refering to erase like hakai or one shot where Z'eno has been the only one that did that; thats nothing new.

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    • Hes right only Zeno can destroy a universe, thats why Zeno is Tier 2.

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    • That's 2-A Demonbane once again. Goku can already destroy the universe

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    • Kaltias wrote:
      That's 2-A Demonbane once again.

      Im sorry? Whoever used that was trying to downplay/wank (dont remember which exactly) Demonbane.

      Here it isnt my concern if this is used or not. I only thought this was something interesting that maybe others here would want to see and shed light on. Whether the verse gets affected and how it gets affected at all by this is not up to me and is not my intention.

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    • I meant "that's another situation where the author said something that contradicts what was shown". Not that you were downplaying. Sorry, should have explained it better

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    • Oh my fault. I misinterpreted that myself lol.

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    • People should really not be bothering writers with powerscaling issues. It seems desperate sometimes.

      This happened once before and like Kaltias stated author statements would have downgraded Demonbane to 2-A if taken literally.

      Now I know you are not attempting to downgrade based on this so that's fine. Although it should be noted that in the end of the Twitter post the writer states that it was his/her point of view so it might not be 100% legitimate.

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    • "this is totally my personal point of view." makes it as interesting as a random post on the internet lol.

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    • People should wait for a databook info made by Toriyama/Toyataro/Toei rather than just ask a random producer/writer.

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    • @Kaltias 

      Goku cant destroy a universe,he can only harm or kill a universe lvl beings.

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    • A FANDOM user
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