• Slapstick 4

    "Stop... Hammer Time!"

    Round 1: Both of these characters are in their base form. Fight takes place in Dimension X.

    Round 2: Slapstick has suddenly been struck by lighting and has entered his strong form right before going to attack Big Head. Fight takes place in Edge City

    Round 3: Slapstick decides to try and hunt down the Mafia lead by Don Mozzo during the events of the first Mask arc instead of Big Head. How well does he do at stopping them and defeating Walter?

    Round 4: Steve Harmon has become the new host of the Mask before even transforming into Slapstick. Seeing his rival at school kidnapped by the clowns of Dimension X he transforms into the Big Head Killer instead of Slapstick during the events of his first issue. How well does Big Head do at rescuing the humans kidnapped, surviving the evil clowns of


    "Y'know, something, guys, I've always felt that guns are stressed far too much in our culture. How 'bout you?...I asked you little pussies a @$%*ing question!"

    Dimension X, breaking the humans out of their hypnosis, and leaving the dimension?

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