• Two Classic Japanese Earth-Destroy Monsters!

    Both in their Classic and Original versions.

    All at their peak (E.g. MHS+ speed and City level dura), but the Invaders' dura is below Godzilla's AP.

    Godzilla faces an Infinite Wave of them. How many rounds can he clears? (Note: if he can clear at least one it will be considered a win). He gets a Minute of rest between each round.

    How far can he get?

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    • Simple correction: the Original SI are Small Town level, so... (I know you said "at their peak", but their peak is not the original version)

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    • I mean the peak of their Original Versions. And by "City level dura" I meant Godzilla's.

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    • the main question is how many rounds can godzilla win? 100 rounds via huge size and also ranged attacks, but when it comes to protecting, godzilla can just avoid his ranged attacks from it, so its godzilla surviving for 100 rounds (would be tired then)

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