• Can someone calc this?

    Mii booms a spaceship
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    • what's the size of the ship?

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    • Let´s see...

      The Mii takes about the same size of a ship.

      As Miis are often portrayes as teenagers at most most of the time...

      Using 1.5 meters as a low-end...

      As it takes about the biggest Mii ship 10px...

      The lenght of pixels of the 3DS is 240px...

      240/10= 24

      And now...

      1.5 meters X 24 = 36m

      Which rating grants something of such size as a low end?

      The ship is definitely MFTL+ as it travels leaving stars behind in seconds.

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    • Saw this and thought it was interesting enough to check out. Most of the work was already done, so.

      1 m = 100 cm 36 m = 3,600 cm

      looks like fragmentation, 8 j/cc

      46,656,000,000/8 = 5,832,000,000 used this converter,  1.39 tons, so it's still just Building level.

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    • Fragmentation? After that it exploded due to severe damage.

      Maybe vaporization as an high-end? It appears to be mostly made of gold.

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    • A FANDOM user
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