Thorkell (トルケル, Torukeru), also known as Thorkell the Tall, was a Jomsviking battalion commander and is considered the strongest Viking. He has a passion for fighting and fights with two axes as his weapons.

Thorkell is a former fellow Jomsviking commander and friend of Thors, Thorkell is an extremely tall and mighty and above all jovial warrior based on the historical/mythological figure of the same name. He left though when the war was over and he considered the army 'boring' as they were undefeatable. Therefore, he joined the English forces as he considered this more interesting because they were 'weak and pathetic'. He has his own band of Blood Knights defined by their tendency to switch to whichever side is losing so they'll have the stronger side to fight against. He is also Thorfinn's great-uncle.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Name: Thorkell, epithet "The Tall"

Origin: Vinland Saga

Gender: Male

Age: Late 30s to mid 40s

Classification: Human, Jomsviking

Powers and Abilities: Peak human physical stats, super strength and durability, adept axeman, adept hand-to-hand fighter

Attack Potency: Wall level

Speed: Superhuman

Lifting Strength: Class 5 (wields tree-trunks in battle as lesser men use staffs, drops massive rocks on ships as a 'keel-buster')

Striking Strength: Wall Class, possibly higher (Punched a charging horse and sent it flying back, threw a spear from a kilometer away and impaled three men, kicked Thorfinn forty meters into the air)

Durability: Likely Wall level

Stamina: Very high, has never yet been tired innumerous pitched battles against Vikings

Range: Extended melee range

Standard Equipment: Two battle-axes, chain mail, sometimes throwing spear

Intelligence: Not particularly intelligent, but remarkably perceptive when it comes to an opponent's personality, experienced fighter

Weaknesses: Battle-mad, will prolong fights against challenging opponents (only applies IC), missing two fingers on his right hand

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Keel-buster: Drops a huge rock on a boat and destroys it.


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