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Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B, 10-C with cancer | 4-B

Name: Jane Foster, Thor

Origin: Marvel Comics (Journey into Mystery #84)

Gender: Female

Classification: Human | God of Thunder

Age: Possibly in her 30s.

Powers and Abilities: Abilities of an average woman. Nursing Skills. | Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Should possess all the powers of the original Thor including: Energy Projection, Regeneration (At least Low), Weather Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Flight, Power Nullification (Can negate mystic energies), Earth Manipulation, Can absorb and redirect energy, Forcefield Creation, Can summon Mjolnir to her by thought, Longevity, can survive in the vacuum of space, Transmutation, Portal Creation (Can open interdimensional portals. For larger ones, it takes time however), Can harm certain intangible beings

Attack Potency: Human level, Below Average Human level with cancer | Solar System level (Should be equal to the original Thor)

Speed: Average Human level, Below Average Human level with cancer | Massively FTL+ (Comparable to Hulk and the original Thor)

Lifting Strength: Regular Human, Below Average with cancer | Class Y

Striking Strength: Human Class, Below Average Class with cancer | Solar System Class

Durability: Human level, Below Average Human level with cancer | Solar System level

Stamina: Average, Below Average with cancer | Godlike

Range: Standard melee range | Interplanetary

Standard Equipment:

  • Mjolnir: The magic hammer that grants her many of Thor's powers and abilities. Forged from the mystical ore Uru, Mjolnir can only be wielded by those who are deemed "worthy".

Intelligence: Above average. Has considerable fighting knowledge granted by Mjolnir.

Weaknesses: Normal weaknesses of a human woman. Weakened from cancer. | Thor can still be knocked out, will return to her weakened form without her hammer.

Key: Human | Thor


The above statistics are dependent upon explicit statements that Jane Foster has the exact same power level as Thor himself. However, she has thus far not explicitly demonstrated anything remotely approaching his greatest feats, so the profile might have to be taken with a grain of salt.

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