The Zerg are a highly adaptive species originating from the ancient planet Zerus. While originally independent in nature, the primal Zerg were corrupted by Amon, who bound them all to a hive mind. The single, overriding will brought the Zerg together as a species, causing the race to become a galactic force. The Zerg are able to assimilate natural elements and nature fauna with the help of their Brood Leaders, and are able to grow new reactive adaptations to fit their situation. While potent alone, the swarm is truly a force to be reckoned with. They are able to coordinate attacks at superhuman levels, instantly knowing the others' thoughts and target. Able to destroy entire species in hours, the Zerg have proven to be the biggest threat to The Protoss, destroying their homeworld of Aiur and plunging the galaxy into a great war between species. The Zerg are a race of ambition and conquest, and will not be sated until they absorb all organic essence into their swarm and rule the galaxy.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Up to 8-B, possibly higher | At least High 6-A

Name: The Zerg

Origin: StarCraft

Gender: Genderless

Age: Millions of years old

Classification: Aliens, Primal Race, Uplifted of the Xel'naga

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy Manipulation and Projection via Hivemind Leaders, such as Sarah Kerrigan, Regeneration (High-Low to Low-Mid), Absorption, Flight and Spaceflight via Fliers, Telepathy, Healing via Sarah Kerrigan and Queens, Telekinesis via Hivemind Leaders, Hivemind Leaders can create wormholes, Adaptation with Abathur, Mind Control via Infestor, Resistance to mind control, nuclear radiation, biological agents, and chemical weapons, Extreme Cold Resistance and can survive in space via Leviathan (Leviathan are able to function in temperatures near absolute zero), Poison Manipulation via Hydralisk, Fungus Manipulation via Infestor

Attack Potency: Up to City Block level (An Ultralisk should be at least this strong), possibly higher (Zerg such as Brutalisk, Brood Lord, and Leviathan should be more powerful than an Ultralisk) | At least Multi-Continent level (As a Swarm, the Zerg are able to bring down Carriers and other Capital Protoss ships, which hero units such as Artanis and Alarak are unable to do)

Speed: Superhuman combat and movement speed, up to Supersonic+ attack speed (Hydralisk spines move this quickly), at least Supersonic flight speed (Mutalisk are able to quickly escape a planet's atmosphere)

Lifting Strength: Up to Class 100 (A Brutalisk should be at least this strong) | At least Class M (Leviathan are several kilometers long and can carry an army of Zerg)

Striking Strength: Up to City Block Class (A Brutalisk should be this strong)

Durability: Up to City Block level (an Ultralisk is at least this durable), possibly higher (The three aforementioned units should be more durable than an Ultralisk) | At least Multi-Continent level (The Leviathan can not be damaged by the aforementioned hero units)

Stamina: Very High (Zerg are genetically designed to be living beasts of war; can fight long periods of time without fatigue)

Range: Extended melee range, Several dozen meters with projectiles | Several kilometers with Leviathan, Galactic as a race

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Non-sentient except for Hivemind Leaders and Queens, Hivemind Leaders have High intelligence

Weaknesses: If their psionic link to the Hivemind Leader is attacked, they will instantly die (as evidenced when all Hivemind-connected Zerg are killed by a Psi-Destroyer); without a leader, most are merely feral animals.

Technology: Evolution Chambers, which allow for near-instant mutation, and living space ships known as Leviathans

Notable Individuals:

  • The Overmind

Key: Individually | Collectively as a Swarm


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