Killer Wraith
This thing moves as a shadow, appearing and disappearing at the sound of this dreaded bell. This “banshee” appears to be able to move invisibly. Several times it has caught me without me even seeing it closing in. Often convinced I have my back covered, the thing has materialized right behind me to strike from close range. So stay still and watch the fog. Sometimes it is possible to see the shimmer as it glides forward, looking for more prey.
~ Benedict Baker's Journal, Nov. 1896


Philip Ojomo came to this country without anything more than hope for a new beginning. He was happy as he got offered a job at Autohaven Wreckers. A small scrap yard where bribed cops turned a blind eye to the somewhat shady business that took place. Ojomo didn’t care. He had seen criminal activity up close in his homeland, and as long as he didn’t get involved, he'd let things be. He just fixed cars and handled the crusher. Something he did really well. A car went in, a small, metallic cube came out. It was not until one gloomy day that he, just by accident, saw some blood coming from one of the un-crushed cars.

As he opened the trunk he found a young man, gagged and with tied hands and panic filled eyes. Ojomo freed the man who managed to run ten feet before Ojomo’s boss stopped the man who was running and slit his throat. As Ojomo demanded answers he got explained to him that he’d been nothing more than a simple executioner as more or less every car had a soul in them as this was a "service" the scrap yard provided to certain "clients". Ojomo snapped and went ballistic. He threw his boss in the crusher and let it slowly compress, as the head stuck out, Ojomo grabbed it and pulled his head and spine out of the body. Then he left, and was never seen again.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Name: Philip Ojomo, The Wraith

Origin: Dead By Daylight

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Killer

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Can enter the spirit world to become invisible (Via the Wailing Bell), Enhanced senses of vision and smell

Attack Potency: Wall level (Ripped a man’s skull and spinal cord out of his body with his bare hands)

Speed: Peak Human (Can casually walk fast enough to keep up with track stars like Meg Thomas), Higher with Spirit Walker

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human (Can carry grown people with little issue)

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall level

Stamina: High

Range: Extended melee range with Azarov’s Skull

Standard Equipment: Azarov’s Skull, Wailing Bell

Intelligence: Below Average (Appears to be little more than a completely insane, but highly skilled, killer)

Weaknesses: Cannot attack while in the spirit world, and must ring the bell a second time to return to the physical world, which slows him briefly, Highly sensitive to light

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Spirit Walker: Ringing the Wailing Bell, a heavy cast iron bell imbued with ancient powers, allows the Wraith to enter and walk the spirit world. When in the spirit world the Wraith is almost completely invisible and moves slightly faster. However, the Wraith can't attack, break pallets, or pick up survivors, and he is briefly slowed after ringing the bell a second time.


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