The Warden is the main protagonist of Bioware's Dragon Age: Origins.

This character will hail from one of six social classes ranging from casteless dwarf or landless elf to Fereldan noble or even dwarven royalty. After playing through one of these origins, he or she will join the Grey Wardens during the events of Dragon Age: Origins and may even rise to the rank of Warden-Commander in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

As the origin story is played out, the protagonist is recruited by Duncan, leader of Ferelden's Grey Wardens, to aid King Cailan Theirin and his troops against an incoming army of darkspawn at Ostagar. This is where the main plot of Dragon Age: Origins begins. The Warden's primary mission is to gather an army and defeat a Blight; however, political tensions, disruptions and numerous other distractions (and inspirations) are bound to cross our hero's path.

The actions and words of the Warden are always chosen by the player, and have a wide range of outcomes (both for the story's end and for the fates of the Warden's allies, enemies and rivals). Unlike many other RPGs, the cumulative result of these choices is not tracked by a single meter or bar; rather, each companion has a meter reflecting that individual's reactions to the Warden's decisions.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-C

Name: The Warden

Origin: Dragon Age

Gender: Varies (Can be customized to be male or female)

Age: Mid-20s at least

Classification: Human/Elf/Dwarf, Warrior/Rogue/Mage, Grey Warden, Warden-Commander, Champion of Redcliffe, Hero of Ferelden

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, endurance and dexterity, master swordsman, master marksman, master of stealth, enhanced senses (capable of sensing enemies and Darkspawn hundreds of meters away), blood manipulation, sound manipulation, shapeshifting, magical resistance and dispelling, magic, can gain entrance into The Fade (The realm of spirits and dreams), elemental manipulation (of the fire, ice, lightning and earth variety), oil manipulation, petrification, healing, telekinesis, paralysis, forcefields, life force absorption, magical absorption, mind manipulation, fear inducement, sleep inducement.

Attack Potency: At least Building level+ (Superior to the Archdemon who contained this much energy)

Speed: At least Subsonic+ (Can react to and deflect arrows without issue)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: At least Building Class+

Durability: At least Building level+ (Tanked attacks from the Archdemon)

Stamina: Fairly High (Can fend off continuous waves of enemies without rest)

Range: Extended melee range with melee weapons, hundreds of meters with arrows and magic.

Standard Equipment: Swords, maces, axes, bow and arrows, staffs, shields, heavy armor, leather armor, portable traps, etc.

Intelligence: Very high (Mastered fighting styles and techniques which would take normal people a few months in just a few weeks. Can formulate battle tactics in the heat of battle. Can create traps to lure in his/her enemies. The Warden is a master of coercion and can be very convincing and persuasive.)

Weaknesses: Utilizing his/her Blood Manipulation powers weakens his/her health and vitality.

Feats: Has fended off continuous waves of soldiers as well as bested the Archdemon.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-List of Warrior and Rogue Talents

-List of Mage Spells

Note: The Warden has no official gender, race or class, so you should specify what gender, race and class type The Warden is on vs matches, or it could be a Composite Warden (The Warden with all class abilities).


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