Staff Moses

The Staff of Moses is an extremely potent weapon from Heaven, bestowed upon the prophet Moses in Ancient times so that he could show God's dominance over Egypt and free his people from slavery.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B, possibly Low 6-B

Name: True Name unknown, called The Staff of Moses

Origin: Supernatural

Age: At least Thousands of Years Old, potentially far older

Classification: Staff, Angelic Weapon

Wielders: Moses, Angels, Aaron Birch, Balthazar

Powers and Abilities: Energy Manipulation, Life & Death Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Wind Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Summoning (Hordes of frogs, gnats, flies and locusts), Transmutation, Biokinesis / Disease Manipulation, Healing, can create Food, as an Angelic Weapon, can likely affect those without souls

Attack Potency: At least City level (Described as one of Heaven's more powerful weapons, as its potency at full power is greater than regular angels. With it, Moses could cause a thunderstorm of hail and fire, cover Egypt in darkness for 3 days and part the Red Sea), possibly Small Country level (Covered all of Egypt in dark clouds)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Capable of causing lightning strikes)

Durability: Unknown

Range: Small Country level at Full Power (Could affect all of Egypt)

Weaknesses: Can be sliced / broken into pieces, dividing it's power

Feats: Through usage of The Staff, Moses performed all of his feats from scripture, which include:

  • The First Plague, turning the Nile's waters into blood
  • The Second Plague, summoning and controlling a horde of frogs
  • The Third Plague, turning huge amounts of dust into hordes of lice / gnats
  • The Fourth Plague, summoning and controlling swarms of flies
  • The Fifth Plague, causing all Egyptian livestock to fall diseased and die
  • The Sixth Plague, transforming soot into a plague of boils
  • The Seventh Plague, creating a thunderstorm of hail, lightning and fire
  • The Eight Plague, controlling the winds and sending hordes of locusts to Egypt
  • The Ninth Plague, controlling the weather so that there would be darkness for 3 Days
  • The Tenth Plague, causing the death of every firstborn in Egypt
  • The parting of the Red Seas
  • Healing diseases such as leprosy
  • Purifying waters, summoning bread for his people and creating water by striking rock
  • Controlling Snakes and fire