Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown. At least 9-A

Name: The Reaver (Originally), Soul Reaver (After absorbing the Raziel's Soul)

Origin: Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain

Age: Over 2500 years old

Classification: Supernatural weapon

Wielders: Vorador (The one who forged it), Janos Audron (The Reaver's Guardian), William The Just/Nemesis, Kain, Hylden Lord, Raziel

Powers and Abilities: Invulnerability (The only weapon capable of destroying the Reaver is another Reaver), Grant the user regenerative powers (Low-Mid), Magic Absorption, Blood Absorption (Only as the Reaver). With the Emblems, the Reaver allow the user to shoot Energy Blast, Fire and Lightning, Slow the time, Teleportation, Induce hate in the surrounding enemies. The Soul Reaver possesses all the power of the Reaver, with the addition of Soul Absorption and Reality Warping (Only when converging with another Soul Reaver); The Purified Soul Reaver possesses all the powers of the previous Reavers with the addition of Purify Inducement.

Attack Potency: Unknown (Power depends of the user). At least Small Building level (Stronger weapon in Nosgoth, should be stronger than the Fire Sword). Soul absorption ignores conventional durability

Speed: Varies depending of the user

Durability: Unknown (In universe, the only capable to destroy the Reaver is a paradox caused by another Reaver)

Range: Extended melee. A few meters with magic

Note: Due to several time travels and 3 paradoxes, the power of the Reaver vary depending of the Age:

  • The original Reaver is wielded formally by Raziel in all the timelines (temporally, since only use it to kill the Sarafan Priestess including himself, event that caused him to be devoured by the Reaver in the First, Second and Third Timelines) and by the Reaver the Elder Kain, that after collecting the Emblems and absorving Raziel, it did turns into the Purified Soul Reaver, a event that only happens in the Fourth Timeline.
  • The Soul Reaver (the no purified one), is the most recurrent of the serie, used formally by Kain and William the Just in the First Timeline and onwards (The William's Reaver would be destroyed by a paradox caused by Kain's Reaver, meanwhile the Kain's one would be destroyed when crashing against Raziel) and by the Hylden Lord in the Fourth Timeline. Neither of those incarnation possesses the Emblems.