Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-C to 8-A | 8-C to 8-B | Low 7-C

Name: The Reaver (originally) | Wraith Blade (the Raziel's Reaver) | Soul Reaver (after absorbing the Raziel's Soul)

Origin: Legacy of Kain

Age: Unknown

Classification: Supernatural weapon

Wielders: Vorador (the one who forged it), Janos Audron (the Reaver's Guardian), William The Just/Nemesis, Kain, Hylden Lord, Raziel

Powers and Abilities: The Reaver from the Blood Omen era possesses: indestructibility, grant the user regenerative powers and immortality, shoots energy blast, magic absorption, can kill immortals beings | The Wraith Blade possesses elemental powers of light, darkness, fire, water, wind, and, earth, and enhance the elemental powers of the user; also, with this powers can make the user invisible and blind his enemies | With the Emblems, the Reaver allow the user to shoot energy blast, fire and lightning, slow the time, move at the speed of light, confuse the enemies around making it to attack each others | The Soul Reaver possesses all the powers of the previous Reavers and is able to reap souls in one blow

Attack Potency: Building level the base Wraith Blade (With the blase, Raziel was able to be equal to base Kain), City Block level with the elemental powers, likely higher with the Spiritual Reaver (Able to reap souls in one blow) | At least Building level the Reaver (Blood Omen era), Multi-City Block level the Reaver with the emblems | At least Small Town level the Soul Reaver (Can hurt enemies of the Elder God's size)

Speed: Varies; Hypersonic if Kain and Raizel are the wielders.

Durability: Unknown (Impossible to be destroyed conventionally, but was destroyed two times due to paradoxes)

Range: Standard melee range; higher with magic attacks

Key: The Reaver | The Wraith Blade | The Soul Reaver

Note: There were two differents Soul Reavers in terms of power: the first one, in the first timeline The William's Soul Reaver is destroyed due to a paradox created by the other Soul Reaver, wielded by the young Kain; later and in other timelines, this Reaver will be rebuilt by Raziel in the third timeline and be used by Kain to kill the Elder God (the strongest Reaver). The second Soul Reaver was the one used to kill William in the second timeline, the same Reaver that will be destroyed when Kain fight against Raziel due to another paradox