Player (Amorphous)


The Player (Amorphous) is the protagonist of the game Amorphous+. His goal is to exterminate all the Glooples in a nest.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B

Name: The Player

Origin: Amorphous+

Gender: Male

Age: Likely in his 20s

Classification: Human, exterminator

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Machete User, Superhuman Speed, Immunity to Acid, Fire, Ice Manipulation, and sticky goo (with certain armors), Explosion Manipulation (With grenades), Teleportation (With a device)

Attack Potency: City level via this calculation

Speed: Relativistic+ (Can resist the Void Eater's Density Beam), FTL with Sprint ability (Completely stalemates the Density Beam)

Lifting Strength: Class G

Striking Strength: City Class

Durability: City level (Can take swinging his weapon. His reactive armor prevents him from getting impaled by the Gray or bored into by the Razor Queen's mites. His reactive armor can be used as a second life)

Stamina: High (Can clear huge nests of city level monsters)

Range: Extended melee range. Higher with Box Gun and Saw Drone as they can be operated without him.

Standard Equipment: SplatMaster3000. Razor Glaive at the post-game

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: The razor glaive slows him down a little. Hitting hard objects makes him flinch.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Sprint: The player gains the ability to sprint. Increases speed, but can't hold it for long. In order to recharge it, he needs to stop moving and can't swing.
  • Grenade: The player throws a grenade.
  • Lure: The player places an item that lures Glooples to it.
  • Inhibitor: The player places an item that releases some sort of red lightning that scares enemies away.
  • Hazard Suit: Prevents the player from dying to being frozen, burnt alive, melted via acid, or covered in goo.
  • Saw Drone: The player activates a drone with spinning blades that hones into enemies.
  • Instant Wall: The player places a device that turns into an instant wall.
  • Repulsor: The player drops a device that creates a field that repels Glooples.
  • Box Gun: The player drops a box that turns into a sentry gun that holds up to 30 bullets. It can be deployed again after recharge.
  • Teleporter: The player sets up a device that can be teleported to later.
  • Reactive Armor: This armor turns deadly impacts into a powerful explosion that sheds the armor. The player inside is safe.
  • Razor Glaive: A sword created from a limb of the Razor Queen. While its slows down the player a bit, its swinging power can't be matched, and unlike the SplatMaster3000, it can damage hard items, some which will be destroyed with one hit.


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